Root Barrier

Root Barrier

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Root Barriers Save Trees and Protect Structure

With the constant references to the impending dangers of global warming, an innovative Brisbane company is doing its bit to help the environment.

Root Barrier® has devised an environmentally friendly solution to chopping down trees considered too close to property and to saving buildings from cracking.
We liaised with Civil engineers, Horticultural experts to devise a practical solution.
Root Barrier has since helped thousands of people stabilize their homes’ foundations nationwide with specially engineered high density polyethylene cut-off walls.
These are Engineer certified and Australian building code compliant; waterproof, flexible and form an impenetrable barrier against tree roots and excessive moisture and damp.
“Trees, which in the past had to be removed because of their damaging effect on foundations, can now remain and exist quite happily alongside the buildings, without causing any problems underground.”

Root Barrier® has new innovative products designed for protecting civil works;
Roads, Kerbs, Footpaths, Underground Services, in locations where a vertical root barrier is not suitable   UPGI (Under Path Growth Inhibitor) will give good protections to this infrastructure.
UPGI®  has No poisons or chemicals and meets EPA requirements for placement in natural ground.

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