Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Yoga Retreat in Nepal
Yoga Retreat in Nepal


Welcome to the land of spirituality and explore nature to the deep during the 7 days Yoga retreat in Nepal. In the mesmerizing panorama of Pokhara valley, let Yoga heal your mind, body, and soul through its physical and spiritual powers.

About the program:

The major focus of the Yoga retreat in Nepal is to keep the aspirants on the road to soulful rejuvenation with various yoga and meditation practices coupled with the gifts of nature.

Program Highlights:

• Opening ways of healthy living with Yoga.
• Basic knowledge of Yoga to have an idea of how beneficial and important Yoga is for a healthy life.
• 7 days of a complete yogic environment with Yoga asanas and various other yogic exercises.
• Attaining peace with Meditation.
• Breathing Yoga for bringing the body on the track of complete health.
• Introduction to the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.
• Unleashing inner happiness with Laughter Yoga.
• Hiking through the Annapurna Range for an immensely exuberant experience.
• Cleansing of the respiratory channels and blood vessels with Shat Kriyas.
• Healthy discussions with fellow practitioners and trainers.


Delectable and wholesome food assorted with the flavor of organic spices mark our diet program to fulfill the nutritional and delectable demands of the retreat participants. The meals that are served three times a day are prepared by our adept chefs with immense love and care by the traditional book of Ayurveda.


At our Yoga center in Nepal, well-furnished and hygienic rooms are offered at a private and shared basis. All rooms are embellished with all the basic facilities. Full speed Wi-Fi service is also available. To enjoy the leisure, aspirants can seek natural pleasure in the lush garden or by the lakeside.

About The YTN Yoga training team consists of spirited yogis and Yoga teachers who are committed to spreading the wisdom of Yoga across the globe. A wide range of Yoga programs such as Yoga TTC, Yoga retreat, Himalayan Yoga holidays, etc. are organized in cooperation with our school ‘Rishikul Yogshala’ a leading Yoga Alliance affiliated school.

Yoga Retreat in Nepal
Infinity Resort Pokhara Lakeside
(Sedi Height), Pokhara, Nepal
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