Wisdom Tree Solutions – NLP Training

Wisdom Tree Solutions – NLP Training
Wisdom Tree Solutions – NLP Training
We at Wisdom Tree Solutions provide ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Program) accredited NLP training programs to various emerging leaders, CEO, CFO, managers, supervisors and corporate houses. Our major training courses include Life coaching, Hypnosis training, personal transformation, metaphorically speaking, and various other courses and are primarily held in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore and various other parts of India.

Wisdom is a state of mind where a person liberates itself from all miseries, fear and all undergoing troubles and act on the solution using his psychological abilities, experience and knowledge. Wisdom tree is derived from ancient word “Bodi Vriksha”, where Buddha attained enlightenment. Our organization took a leaf out of Buddha teachings and took the initiative to enlighten the people on various fronts and through various mediums decoding the multiverse capabilities of the human race.

Wisdom tree organization is formed with a visionary goal to offer training programs and development solutions for an individual and to the corporate sector. The programs are ushered by a team of highly trained professionals with enormous experience in domain like human resource, marketing and customer service. Our organization has its existence in Delhi, Kolkata, Goa and Ahmedabad and run its programs all across the country.

NLP Training
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  • Wisdom Tree Solutions – NLP Training
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