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 Reliable – Efficient – Automotive, Medical, Military and Custom Use RF Welding and Heat Sealing TechnologiesONEX RF Sealing Technology1) ONEX RF Hybrid sealers achieve the same quality seal with less energy.2) ONEX RF sealer’s detect arc fast enough not to damage any RF sealing die.3) Precise control of RF power and record the energy consumption to detect pass or fail conditions. Automated RF Sealing SystemsONEX RF offers turnkey automated RF sealers with material feed, print and seal stations. ONEX RF sealers use closed loop process control and rf seal the products with up to 30% less energy consumption.We have experience in sealing blood, IV, Urinary, Enteral Feeding, Ostomy bags and blood pressure cuffs. RF Sealers Safety & Grounding RequirementsRF sealers must come with grounded RF shields (aluminum) around the seal area. If not grounded properly it will radiate the RF energy to other devices or the operator. ONEX RF sealers meet the highest RF safety standards required by OSHA and CE. We conduct RF safety training and provide consulting for safety procedures. RF Catheter Tipping Systems Our Catheter Tipping systems combine superior process control with unique patent pending design features that allow the customer to perform changeovers in less than 5minutes. The fastest changeover in the industry ready to produce quality catheters.    Our ProductsRF Welding MachinesRF Tip Forming MachinesShuttle Style RF Medical SealerRotary Style RF Medical SealerInline RF Medical SealerManual Shuttle RF Medical SealersCustom RF Medical SealersRF Sealing DiesRF Tip Forming DiesServicesTech SupportRF Welding ServicesRemote AssistTroubleshootingRF Tooling DesignTraining & SeminarsOur Address1824 Flower AvenueDuarte, CA 91010Phone : 626.358.6639Website : www.onexrf.comRequest Information: Contact Us