Marriage Counseling

A Turning Point – Counseling, Drug & Alcohol Recovery in San Antonio Tx

We offer marriage and family counseling, hypnotherapy for trauma resolution, and outpatient drug/alcohol recovery rehab for adults in the San Antonio TX area.Whether you feel as though you are lost or like you have nowhere you can turn, we can help. You may have been trying to cope with the difficult situations in your life alone for some time now. However you don’t have to go on this journey alone. We can help. Together we will explore the concerns in your life so that you can take actions to make them more manageable. Maybe you’re trying to stop using alcohol or another drug. Maybe you are trying to regain trust and intimacy in your marriage. Or maybe you’re trying to manage your own stress and depressed feelings. Whatever your current issue is, we know we can help. We specialize in providing small group outpatient rehab in San Antonio for drug abuse or alcoholism. Our programs are comprehensive and individualized according to your need. We consider the needs of the family as integral to the process. Drug or alcohol rehab treatment is most successful when all family members are involved in the process. An outpatient program of treatment gives people a chance to continue to work and live their lives while doing something intensive to address her alcoholism or addiction.

Colleen Hurll Counselling & Psychotherapy

Colleen Hurll is a clinical counsellor and psychotherapist with a private practice in Castle Hill, Sydney who works with individuals and couples to help them overcome the emotional pain of stress and relationship difficulties.Relationship issues can significantly affect your quality of life, impacting on almost all areas of your life and leave you feeling hurt, sad, angry, resentful, disillusioned, stressed, anxious or even depressed. Relationship Counselling Castle Hill gives couples a safe place to express what is difficult in the relationship. Counselling gives each person the experience of being heard – often for the first time. When couples are able to express their feelings clearly and without the anger which usually comes with it, their partner is able to take in and understand what has been hurtful. She can help you to work through and resolve those on-going problems, reduce your conflict, stop the pain, promote intimacy, recapture your love, re-establish or enhance your happiness and make you feel so much better. Don’t wait another minute to get help. You can turn your relationship around today. If you’re ready to get started with relationship counselling now, you may call her on 0413 181 320 for a free 15-minute phone consultation. For further information, kindly visit our website and she will be happy to help you.