Up for the Challenge, Down for the Cause: Grace for the Cure!

Fundraising to End Type 1 Diabetes

Team “Grace for the Cure” is Up for the Challenge and Down for the Cause!





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Support Team Gracie Sevilla



Support Team Grace for the Cure!


Our team is participating in walks to end type 1 diabetes (T1D). The JDRF One Walk is one of many that we will participate in this year and we seek to also promote and support other reputable organizations, as well.


What’s in the World is Going On with Gracie?!


In March of 2018, our little Gracie was not her normal self. Her dad noticed her waking up several night in a row, late at night, to use the restroom and asking for something to drink as she was always “very thirsty”. Knowing a little something about Diabetes, her dad feared the worse and began to research and learn what he had been already fearing. He sent a link to his wife, who was fast asleep at the time and she was in denial. As the weekend approached, they knew they had to make an appointment with the doctor. Gracie’s Mom Melodie, was too distraught to call her Husband Tommy that morning, so one of his daughters had to, telling him to get down to the doctor’s office immediately, as it was certain Gracie was now a Type 1 Diabetic and they all needed to be trained to manage this deadly, life-long illness.


“It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him.

John 9:3


So many questions were asked and so much was immediately learned; Type 1 Diabetes is not caused by eating too many sweets, a poor diet or being obese, but is rather an Autoimmune Disease whereby the Insulin producing pancreas shuts down for one reason or another, mostly likely the latent effects of having been afflicted with a virus long, or not long ago.



When you have T1D, your body stops producing insulin—a hormone essential to turning food into energy. Managing the disease is a constant struggle that involves monitoring your blood-sugar level, administering insulin, and carefully balancing these insulin doses with your eating and activity just to stay alive.



Gracie Sevilla – Type 1 Super Star!

We live by faith in Jesus Christ and lean not upon our own understanding, but rather trust Him in all things. Although sometimes it’s so much easier said then done, ultimately, we trust in Him and love Him so much. This being said, he’s blessed Gracie’s dad as a provider for his family and also with great determination and zeal for good things and causes; we feel ashamed at not knowing the struggles that so many dealt with before this came into our lives and we’re determined to overcome this daily with joy and live lives as normal as possible, using our talents and resources to the glory of God the Father; helping as many as possible and also helping to fund a cure.

Even with insurance this is an exceedingly expensive disease but where God guides, God provides and if we can bring awareness and also give to others in need like we have, awesome!




With T1D there are no days off and there is no cure. But there is hope.





Donate Directly to the Team and to Gracie and Her Needs


We trust in God and do not rely upon anyone but Him but we know full and well he works through others through prayers and giving from their hearts. Even as He has always supplied our needs abundantly and faithfully, there are those who love Gracie and know the struggle of this disease and want to help and therefore, want to donate to the Team itself, for Type 1 Diabetes extraordinary needs, in addition to or in place of the organizations that we support. For this reason, we have created donation buttons and the means to support, below.



However, know that if God hears your prayers, we cherish your prayers MOSTLY, but like some want to help Team Grace for the Cure monetarily, for this event and others upcoming, your gift on this site will:

Go directly to her special fund for events and other extraordinary needs; such needs are things like:

  • Attending special camps for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes, where the staff are either Type 1 themselves or highly trained and equipped. Gracie, only recently met another kid with Type 1 Diabetes in July; he, too, had a Dexcom g6 monitoring device, and it’s important for her to feel like she’s not alone, hence, our participation in these events organizing support teams and such;
  • 24 hour Glucose monitoring (Dexcom g6 sensors, for example, cost about $500 each and last only 10 days). Although we’ve been approved and have paid for a Dexcom g6 and have finally gotten insurance to cover it, there are always issues, limited supplies and red tape, forcing a lot of high, out of pocket expenditures;
  • Glucose Pump (something we are considering at the moment);
  • A specially trained Diabetic alert (service) dog that we are strongly considering at the moment. These dogs are specially trained and raised as pups in just a few places across the country and range from $10,000 and up. They can literally alert a glucose level drop or spike 15 minutes before it happens.

Things like this.



A Puppy for Gracie?


Your gift will go toward these things and will also go toward funding self-promoted future events, as we use our talents and resources to fight this disease to the benefit of ALL who suffer, especially the kids, with Gracie’s upcoming website (below). The direct gifts in the future will be tax-deductible:


You may donate using the Pay Pal buttons below, which will give you the option of paying by credit card or Pay Pal at checkout. If you’d like to increase the donation, simply change the quantity of the item at check out.

We thank you for your time and consideration and support.



$20 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure

$50 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure

$75 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure

$100 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure



To give directly to the JDRF, simply click on the link below!

Contact: sevillalocalmedia@gmail.com



Daniel Marshall Brings Modern Day Campfire to Historic Movie Studio’s Theme Park


Daniel Marshall Brings Modern Day Campfire to Historic Movie Studio’s Theme Park

Los Angeles, CA (Nov 7, 2018)– Daniel Marshall continues to take his “Modern Day Campfires” around the world. His latest creation, “Cigars Meet Movies” brought Marshall’s Campfire to the oldest movie studio in the world, Babelsberg Studio’s Theme Park in Potsdam Berlin, making it the world’s first cigar event in a major motion picture studios film park.

The storied Babelsberg began operation in 1912 and is home to some of the world’s most beloved movies such as Mad Max, Mission Impossible,The Hunger Games, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, George Clooney’s, The Monument’s Men, Around the World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hank’s Bridge of Spies and the Bourne Ultimatum. Guests of the event walked in the footsteps of film history’s iconic directors and stars, from Marlene Dietrich to Clint Eastwood.

Guests were treated to a private tour of the famous sets and iconic film property of Europe’s largest film studio, while enjoying their Cigar Aficionado 92-Rated Daniel Marshall Red Label Cigars. Following the VIP backstage tour of the theme park, personally guided by owner, Friedhelm Schatz, guests enjoyed cast and crew catering, unlimited drinks, and the opportunity to buy autographed boxes of DM Cigars and win raffle prizes.

The event, a collaboration between Marshall, Schatz, and Manuela Simon of Tabakhaus Simon, was a true reminder of the extraordinary friendships forged over cigars. According to Marshall, he and Schatz “previously met for half an hour, and two years later we are hosting a real ‘Mission Impossible’ Modern Day Campfire in his theme park. Without the power of the cigar to create this improbable friendship, this golden moment would never have happened.”

Marshall noted the excitement surrounding Berlin becoming the epicenter of art, film and culture. “I was so proud to bring the Campfire to Potsdam Berlin, a town where Sir Winston Churchill, Stalin, and President Harry Truman met during the Potsdam Conference to decide how to administer Germany and negotiate terms to end World War II, no doubt sharing a fine cigar during this historic meeting.”

Twenty-five years ago, Friedhelm Schatz, the mastermind behind the Filmpark, envisioned the park as it is today. Over 3000 visitors from around the world enjoy the park daily. Daniel Marshall was honored to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mr. Schatz’s dream with a memorable night at “Cigars Meet Movies.”

Guests included a cross-section of Berlin’s diverse population including military officers, business tycoons, entrepreneurs, actors, producers, artists, and photographers. Marshall shared stories with the group correlating Daniel Marshall with Hollywood film greats who have experienced Daniel Marshall’s cigars and humidors including Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Nick Jonas, President Clinton, and Steve Harvey.

Join us as we tour the famous sets and film property in storied Babelsberg Studio:

Daniel Marshall Cigar Events continue to be scheduled worldwide. Please email: info@danielmarshall.com or call 714-923-2889 for details.

About Daniel Marshall:

Daniel Marshall, a 35-year veteran of the cigar industry is one of the leading names in the cigar world. He is Cigar Aficionado’s No.1 rated Humidor & Cigar designer and creator of the coveted 24kt Golden Cigar. DM Humidors & cigars are enjoyed in the homes and offices of countless Hollywood celebrities, US presidents, dignitaries, titans of industry, fashion designers and the most discriminating cigar lovers worldwide. Marshall is also a cigar and humidor supplier of England’s Royal Family. Since 1982, Daniel Marshall has created and designed for the prestigious luxury gift houses Dunhill, Tiffany & Co., S.T. DuPont, Cartier, Hermes, Fred Joaillier, Harrod’s, Bally of Switzerland and Garrard’s of London. Daniel Marshall’s humidors are historic, with a collection on display at the Smithsonian Museum. One of DM’s highly collectible Governor Schwarzenegger Humidor’s broke sales records in 2016 at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation Gala Fundraiser in St. Tropez. This extremely rare humidor topped the charts for highest amount paid for a modern day humidor with new world DM Cigars, raising 750,000 euros. In September 2017, a 1 of 1 humidor DM made for Prince Albert II of Monaco with Daniel Marshall Cigars was put on the block and raised 75,000 Euros to benefit our global oceans.

Visit Daniel Marshall’s site at www.danielmarshall.com. You can also find Daniel Marshall on Facebook at www.facebook.com/danielmarshallhumidorsandcigars or follow Daniel Marshall on Twitter @DMCigarWorld or Instagram @DMCigars for real-time updates.

For Daniel Marshall:

Trang Trinh, 714-973-8660