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December 6, 2018

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Company Deceived Veterans Regarding Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing Offers

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Bureau) has filed a complaint in federal court in the District of Nevada alleging a claim of deception against Village Capital & Investment LLC, a non-bank mortgage company headquartered in Henderson, Nev. The Bureau and Village Capital also filed a proposed stipulated final judgment and order to resolve the claim. Documents were filed on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

As described in the complaint and proposed order, the Bureau alleges that Village Capital violated the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 by misleading veterans regarding its Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loans—loans that allow veterans to refinance their mortgages at lower interest rates with a loan guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Specifically, the Bureau alleges that Village Capital misled veterans by overstating the benefits of refinancing.
If entered by the court, the proposed order would require Village Capital to pay $268,869 in redress to consumers and a civil penalty of $260,000. The order would also prohibit Village Capital from misrepresenting the terms or benefits of mortgage refinancing.

The complaint is available at:


The proposed stipulated final judgment and order is available at: https://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/bcfp_village-capital_stipulated-final-judgment-order_2018-12.pdf

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December 6, 2018

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Company Violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Consumer Financial Protection Act in Furnishing Consumer-Report Information and Obtaining and Using Consumer Reports

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Bureau) today announced a settlement with State Farm Bank, FSB, a federal savings association headquartered in Bloomington, Ill.

As described in the consent order, the Bureau found that State Farm Bank violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Regulation V, and the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 by obtaining consumer reports without a permissible purpose; furnishing to credit-reporting agencies (CRAs) information about consumers’ credit that the bank knew or had reasonable cause to believe was inaccurate; failing to promptly update or correct information furnished to CRAs; furnishing information to CRAs without providing notice that the information was disputed by the consumer; and failing to establish and implement reasonable written policies and procedures regarding the accuracy and integrity of information provided to CRAs.

Under the terms of the consent order, State Farm Bank must not violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act or Regulation V and must implement and maintain reasonable written policies, procedures, and processes to address the practices at issue in the consent order and prevent future violations.

The consent order is available at:


The stipulation and consent to the issuance of a consent order is available at:


Cigars: Cash for Clunkers – Daniel Marshall Cigars

Daniel Marshall Cigars and Humidors Announces Exclusive
“Cash for Cigar Clunkers” Program




Los Angeles, CA (December 11, 2018) – On the heels of the wildly popular “Cash for Clunkers” humidor trade-in program, Daniel Marshall has announced an unprecedented program, “Cash For Cigar Clunkers” and will pay customers for their clunker cigars. With the previous program, customers around the country were thrilled to trade in their clunker humidors for an upgrade to a Daniel Marshall. In the same way Marshall helped customers get into their dream humidor, he has designed his latest program to allow customers to elevate from their disappointing cigars to a cigar they can trust, a Cigar Aficionado 92 point rated Daniel Marshall Cigar.

Daniel Marshall is out to prove the attributes of the DM Cigar, the benefits of 1-year minimum box aging and is offering to pay customers for their partially smoked cigars. Every cigar enthusiast knows the feeling of being let down by a cigar where the expectation just did not measure up. Now disappointing cigars that did not draw or taste good can be redeemed for credit with Daniel Marshall.

The Daniel Marshall Red Label has received international accolades and “shares the shelves” with the best cigars, at the world’s most legendary and esteemed cigar merchants from Los Angeles to London, Dubai to Asia and Beirut. Dignitaries and celebrities worldwide enjoy Daniel Marshall cigars. Reported by Rake Magazine, in 2012 President Clinton bought the DM 24kt Red Label Golden Cigar at The Sahakian Cigar Lounge at London’s Bulgari Hotel. Business Week wrote on August 1, 2005, “The Governator loves his Daniel Marshalls so much he erected a smoking tent outside the California Capitol.“

Daniel Marshall Red Label Cigars made their debut in Cigar Aficionado’s September 1, 1997 issue. The balanced Nicaraguan Puro has an elegance, finesse and richness that define the DM Cigar. The Red is a cigar rich with chocolate and espresso, inspired by Marshall’s Saturday Harley rides up the coast with friends where he desired a cigar to evoke his favorite mocha.

“The DM Red Label was designed with a rich and smooth profile. My wish is for cigar “tasters” everywhere to savor the difference, quality, and benefits of box aging in our cigar rolled in Nicaragua, originally co-created by not one but two cigar legends, Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia,” said Marshall. “Our Cash for Clunker Humidor program exposed cigar fans to the upper echelon of cigar aging and preservation, now it’s our goal to provide the same top quality experience with our cigars.”

To participate in the program, customers can request a prepaid mailing label from Daniel Marshall and send in their banded, partially smoked “clunker” cigars. In exchange, Daniel Marshall will provide a $2 credit per cigar clunker to be used towards the purchase of Daniel Marshall cigars at designated retailers nationwide.

For additional details regarding the program, please visit the Daniel Marshall website:



About Daniel Marshall:

Daniel Marshall, a 35-year veteran of the cigar industry is one of the leading names in the cigar world. He is Cigar Aficionado’s No.1 rated Humidor designer and creator of the coveted 24kt Golden Cigar. DM Humidors & cigars are enjoyed in the homes and offices of countless Hollywood celebrities, US presidents, dignitaries, titans of industry, fashion designers and the most discriminating cigar lovers worldwide. Marshall is also a cigar and humidor supplier of England’s Royal Family. Since 1982, Daniel Marshall has created and designed for the prestigious luxury gift houses Dunhill, Tiffany & Co., S.T. DuPont, Cartier, Hermes, Fred Joaillier, Harrod’s, Bally of Switzerland and Garrard’s of London. Daniel Marshall’s humidors are historic, with a collection on display at the Smithsonian Museum. One of DM’s highly collectible Governor Schwarzenegger Humidor’s broke sales records in 2016 at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation Gala Fundraiser in St. Tropez. This extremely rare humidor topped the charts for highest amount paid for a modern day humidor with new world DM Cigars, raising 750,000 euros. In September 2017, a 1 of 1 humidor DM made for Prince Albert II of Monaco with Daniel Marshall Cigars was put on the block and raised 75,000 Euros to benefit our global oceans.

Visit Daniel Marshall’s site at www.danielmarshall.com. You can also find Daniel Marshall on Facebook at:

https://facebook.com/danielmarshallhumidorsandcigars or

follow Daniel Marshall on Twitter @DMCigarWorld

or Instagram @DMCigars for real-time updates.

For Daniel Marshall:

Trang Trinh, 714-973-8660, info@danielmarshall.com

Gracie Sevilla: Child with T1D Commits Whole Family to Care

This article appears in www.InsulinNation.com

Child with T1D Commits Whole Family to Care

The first months of new T1D care are scary, all-consuming and completely change family dynamics

Tommy and Melodie Sevilla share the story of their T1D daughter Gracie’s diagnosis, treatment, and achievement.

“Gracie’s leg hurt again.  It happened often. What could a little girl be doing to hurt her leg?  Then she was thirsty and listless. Finally, we looked up her symptoms on the web and took her to the pediatrician.  We felt so guilty when we confirmed that she had T1D. She had been suffering, and we didn’t understand.

Diagnosed with T1D in March 2018, Gracie was four-years-old, weighed 42 pounds, wore size 4 clothes and looked exhausted. Today, Gracie weighs 55 pounds, wears size 7, clothes, and stars in the Riverside/Corona Under Armour flag football league.

MelodieThose first days, I was scared.  I was in mourning for my child who was still alive, but I knew she would no longer have a normal life.  I feared that everything for her would be different and harder.

Learning how to care for her consumed us.  How to count carbs, measure her blood glucose, and give her injections.  It was like having a baby again. We were up at night checking frequently, living in fear, never quite sure we knew what to do.

TommyI didn’t know there were two types of diabetes.  I didn’t know about Type 1 Diabetes. I had only heard of Type 2 Diabetes.  I learned as much as I could as quickly as I could. I was ashamed to learn how little I knew and shocked at how many families were raising children with Type 1 Diabetes.

It took months to gain confidence in our ability to care for Gracie. Getting rid of soda was easy.  It was much harder to learn when to use fast acting versus slow acting insulin, or to judge the impact on her blood glucose of protein and exercise.

Normalcy is hard to come by.  Our marriage changed. Little things no longer mattered.  Dealing with the big thing required teamwork and support. Gracie’s T1D became a full-time job for the whole family.

TommyWe got a Dexcom G6 CGM for Gracie after five months.  It has been a tremendous help. Both Melodie and I have the Dexcom app on our phones.  I have the alarms set at 100 and 260 because I want some warning when I am coaching Gracie on her football team.  Melodie has her alarms set at 80 and 275.

We don’t plan to get a pump.  Kids can be cruel, and we don’t want Gracie to stand out too much from her friends.  She wears her Dexcom on her leg, so it is under her shorts. We plan to get an alert dog next.

MelodieGracie started Kindergarten this fall.  Picking a school for her was surprisingly hard.  Some schools did not comprehend the care a T1D child requires.  The school we chose had one staff member and the spouse of a staff member each with T1D. They have been amazing; caring and loving Gracie as their own.

I am careful about the carbs in Gracie’s school snacks — 3-5 carbs in her morning snack and 12-15 carbs in her afternoon snack at 1 PM.  Her snacks are only slow carbs such as jerky and nuts.

I prepare her school lunch, but I give her a lot of choice in what to eat because she gets Novolog with lunch.   I want her food to be normal kid-food, so she fits in with her friends.

TommyOn weekend game days, we also give her a 12-15 carb snack at 1 PM, so she is ready to play at 5 PM.  It is hot in Southern California, so she burns glucose quickly. If she gets low, we use Gatorade Chews or something similar. Gracie was the only girl and the youngest player in our Under Armour Flag Football League this Fall.  She was also the only child with T1D.

Now that Gracie is healthy again, she also excels at soccer, baseball and basketball, roller skating and singing Christian Worship Music. Phil Wickham is her favorite artist and “Amazing Grace” her favorite song by him; a song that causes me to cry every time I hear it.

MelodieI feel guilty about the impact Gracie’s T1D care has had on her brother and sister.  Too often, their lives and desires have taken a back seat due to Gracie having a hard night or something else.  Both are super serious about Gracie’s care. I think our whole family has become more serious as we each cope and help and work together.

I want our pediatrician, and all others across the country, to have a poster in her office about T1D symptoms.  No one should be as clueless as we were.

TommyGracie has a website in development that is called “Grace for the Cure” and her URL is: https://GracieT1dSuperStar.org. We are determined to raise awareness about T1D; particularly identifying the symptoms to prevent death and promote early diagnosis, and to share our experiences as persons living alongside T1D.”

Life challenges each of us to be brave in different ways. Tommy, Melodie, and their children are courageous people. They show us how best to respond to the challenge that life presented them.