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Helios Cigar Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Helios Cigar Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada


Helios cigar lounge



Las Vegas’ finest and most welcoming cigar lounge is now open!

Helios Cigar Lounge in Southwest Las Vegas offers a wide selection of perfectly seasoned and humidified premium cigars for your smoking enjoyment, showcased in a new, custom built cedar wood lined humidor – priced to please!

Helios Cigar Lounge offers the following popular 90 + rated cigar brands: Leaf by Oscar, Padron, Montecristo, Rocky Patel, Ashton, Tatuaje, Kristoff, Arturo Fuente, Cohiba and more!

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  • Address
    5752 S Fort Apache Rd #155, Las Vegas, NV 89148
  • Phone
    (702) 202-0008
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1 Review

Local Business Locator

1 year ago

Best new cigar lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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