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The Motorhome Conversion Company

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The Motorhome Conversion Company

Since 2005, The Motorhome Conversion Company, has made the “Great Australian Dream” a reality for hundreds of people. We specialise in designing amazing, high-quality Motorhomes that don’t cost the Earth.

Of course if you don’t like any of our designs, we can customise your Motorhome to suit your needs and budget as we believe that travelling Australia in comfort should be available to anyones budget. We make this possible by offering you a reliable vehicle with relatively low kilometres and still plenty of life left for travelling

At the Motorhome Conversion Company, our team is committed to making your dream Motorhome not only affordable, but way beyond anything you could imagine. For more information, come and visit our Showroom or for a free info pack, call us on 1300 851 079

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