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Luxury Yoga Retreat in Alleppey

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Alleppey
Luxury Yoga Retreat in Alleppey


The holistic beauty of Yoga, when incorporated in the spellbinding beaches of Alleppey, the salubrity of river Pampa, creates an awe-inspiring experience to remember for a life. Breathe new life into the soul-stirring Luxury Yoga retreat in Alleppey. Delve into the classical art of Yoga, get animated with the herbal massage from veritable practitioners from the land of Ayurveda, Kerala. Let Yoga shed the outer layer of exhaustive life and portray you as an animated soul.

About the program:

The event is a mixture of fun, excitement, opulence, passion, Yoga, and health. During the course of the retreat, you will be taken through various sattvic methods of alleviating the mental as well as physical wellness. Let’s take a look at the primary highlights of this health-centric program:

• Learn the basics of Yoga’s classical theories of wholesome living.
• Get acquainted with the Yoga asanas and practice these amidst a stunning natural treasure.
• Attain mental lucidity with Meditation in the ultimate serenity of our resort.
• Detoxification therapy with herbal massage and spa services.
• Sessions dedicated to the practical teachings of Yoga to incorporate into the daily life.
• Introduction to a vegan and plant-based diet and the art of cooking wholesome meals.
• Extraordinary health benefits of Yoga asanas in curing multiple disorders.
• Purification of the mind and body through Shat Kriyas.


LYR’s team of Ayurveda-expert chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes that touch your soul to the core. Feel nourished while assimilating an assortment of vegetarian Indian delicacies prepared with immense avidity.


In the breathtaking dwelling of Alappuzha, enjoy the astonishing panorama of the endless sea. Take a moment to heal your mind and spirit spending some time in the picturesque lap of Vembanad Lake. A pleasant stay at the center is marked by fully-furnished and ventilated rooms embellished with all the amenities of a luxuriant living.

About Luxury Yoga Retreats: We are a holistic platform where luxury-seekers and Yoga fiends come to quench their thirst for yoga experiences decked with pure luxury and comfort. We are an enthusiastic bunch of people who love to host you as our guests in the most spectacular locations on the globe. With an aim to bring luxury and Yoga on the same page, we aspire to give you the most soothing experience.

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Alleppey
Alleppey, Kerala

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