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Hatha Yoga Primary Series Training in India

Hatha Yoga Primary Series Training in India
Business Name: Hatha Yoga Primary Series Training in India
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The ancient Yoga type of Hatha Yoga is the origin of almost all the contemporary Yoga forms. The teachings of this authentic Yoga genre have enlightened the globe for ages. Begin the process of mastering the traditional Yoga form with Hatha Yoga Primary Series Training in India. Attain a basic to intermediate level of Hatha Yoga knowledge while training under Yogrishi Bipin Baloni in the land of Yoga’s birth.

About the program:

The primary Hatha Yoga series is designed according to traditionalism and is for all those Yoga aspirants who have been certified with a minimum of 200 Hour YTTC. The program aspires to refine your depth of the vibrant Yoga style with authentic training. Have a look at the principal highlights of the training:

• Practical and philosophical teachings of Hatha Yoga according to the ancient yoga school.
• Special class on Pawanmuktasana along with its contraindication and benefits.
• Intensive practice of Surya Namaskar and correction in the postures.
• Understanding the various poses of Hatha Yoga such as Tadasana, Uttanasana, Setu Bandhasana, etc., along with their correction techniques.
• Bring relaxation to the mind and soul by meditating by the riverside and mountain-top.
• A Proper study of Adjustment and Alignment to advance your knowledge of asanas.
• Get insight into the human body anatomy to understand its working during Yoga practice.
• Learn about breathing series and scrutinize various biological functions of the body with Pranayama practice.
• Understand the teachings of Ayurveda as the divine art of natural healing.
• Study the function of Shat Kriyas and its six actions of internal purification.
• Be a part of Satsang and fire ceremony to enlighten your soul and mind.

Fee Details: Training fee for 15 days is USD 550.

For Food and Accommodation, you need to inform us in advance. For detailed information, kindly reach out to us at +91 9411723113

About Bipin Baloni: Bipin Baloni is a popular Yoga master who loves to interact with his students and is known to maintain a friendly environment during the classes. Yogi Bipin started his yogi life during his school time before attending Yogi Mahesh Ashram for more serious learning. After graduating from the ashram of his Guru, he co-founded the Rishikul Foundation and has been teaching Yoga for 7 years now. A Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga expert, he is famous among his students for his straightforward and authentic way of teaching. He conducts Hatha Yoga classes along with Ashtanga Yoga and therapy sessions in India.

Business Phone Number: 9411723113
Business Address: Ashirwad Kunj
Village: Jonk , Swargashram
Ramjhula, Rishikesh
Uttarakhand – 249304, India

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