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Yoga Studio in Delhi

Yoga Studio in Delhi
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Yoga Studio in Delhi
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The ceaseless spiritual yogic lineage is intended to bestow the practitioners a life of wellness. Emerged thousands of years ago on the divine land of India, today the enlightening practice of this ancient art has spread its roots across the globe. Having a holistic approach, yoga is an ideal way of balancing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Yoga is the need of the time that has to immerse deeply into the trap of ailments and sedentary lifestyle.

Hectic schedule parts our way from natural living, but with yoga, one can retain a healthy being, sound mind, stabilized emotions and a restful soul. The busy lives restrain us from yoga practice, and to change so, with us, bring back the healthy living by joining our best yoga studio in Delhi.

Program Description

With us commence on a yogic journey for living a rightful way of disease-free life and make the ancient practice part of your lifestyle for complete wellness and prosperity. Enroll in our yoga classes in New Delhi and NCR region to have a blissful time amidst the life chaos and for deeper insight into the practice.


• With yoga learn to connect with inner self amidst the daily life churning.
• Manage stress efficiently with the practice of yoga – Hatha and Ashtanga.
• Understand the value of yoga and daily practice and learn more with Yoga Philosophy.
• Pay focus on your breath with the practice of pranayama and on the other hand, rejuvenate and attain harmony with meditation.
• Learn effective meditation techniques at a yoga studio in Delhi including Yoga Nidra, Tartaka, Chakra Meditation, Dance Meditation and more.
• Have a great time during the special session, workshops, Ayurveda cooking classes, Shat Kriya practice, Chair yoga classes, Laughter Therapyand more.
• We arrange specialized or custom-made classes on demand.
Fee Details
• Start from (INR)- 2400/- to 43,000/- (monthly to yearly subscription)

About Aum Yogashala

Yoga is for one and all and at AumYogashala we dwell on this saying and help you achieve greater benefits of practicing yoga with esteemed teachers and instructors. We provide yoga classes in New Delhi and NCR region. Here at AumYogashala, we understand our students, their needs and preferences, fitness level and design classes that suit every modern-day Yogi. The class is deeply rooted in traditional and contemporary yoga as well as their merger and pleases everyone with ease and comfort.

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Business Address:
DLF Phase 5
D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor
Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club
Sector 53, Gurgaon 122009

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