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  •  Find out the strength and weaknesses of your website;
  • Learn your Alexa ranking;
  • Find out what your Traffic Ranking is;
  • See where you stand with regard to Social Bookmarking;
  • Find out your I.P. Address;
  • See how many inbound and outbound Links you have;
  • Find out what your Page Ranks are;
  • See what errors you have on your site so that you can fix them;
  • Find out your Crawl Statistics;
  • Learn what links are broken.

Note: If you hire us to for any of our other services, we will give you a WEBSITE STRUCTURE AUDIT REPORT, absolutely free.If you hire us after purchasing this product, we’ll deduct your purchase price from the price of your new product/service purchase!

Cost: $19.99


 (subsequent follow-up reports: $9.99 each)








There are only three (3) local businesses that appear on the coveted and privileged first page map. These businesses receive more new customers; phone calls, and hits to their websites/landing pages, than businesses who are not on the maps.Show them where you are and what you do!


Description and Guarantee of Service: We will place your business listing on the first page Google map – GUARANTEED* – between the A-G in the “local business results” section (i.e. the Map), with a website and/or landing page link (free landing page included, if you do not have a website.

We can also design you a fully functioning, interactive website, starting at just $499 yearly, but you DO NOT need a website to be on Google’s first page maps).

Your relevant business information will be listed on the Google landing page, along with photos and video slide show (slide show only available with “Option 2 and 3” purchases). You choose 4 search terms (e.g. “disability attorney los angeles”). We guarantee that at minimum, 2 of your search terms will always be returned on Google’s first page of search results.

We will contact you by phone, or meet with you in person, whenever possible, to consult with you on all phases of this process.* “guarantee” warrants that in the event that you do not appear as guaranteed, we will immediately correct the problem, upon our discovery or by notification from you, and will pro-rate a refund to you based on time down, or the amount of the agreement, or monies paid, less the $499 set-up fee.


First Page Google Map:

Cost: $149 one-time set-up fee

$149 monthly credit card debiting – NO CONTRACT !!!




* Please note that the time it takes to place you on the Google Maps (virtual) can vary.A member of our team, as with all of our products and services, will contact you by phone or e-mail, or whenever necessary, meet with you in person, to consult with you/verify and to retrieve all of the information necessary to give you the best possible listing.










Be found first by all on the first page of Google and Yahoo; brand your business name – show new customers who you are!We will produce an up to 2-minute long Video Montage Internet commercial, that will consist of moving video and/or still photos (that we take or that you provide for us, or relevant available images), with voice over or music, and with relevant text and company name/logo branding.You choose five (5) search terms, and six (6) cities. We guarantee that your Internet video commercial will appear on the first page of Google and/or Yahoo, under at least two (2) of your chosen search terms, and in at least two (2) of your chosen cities.In addition to your chosen cities, and as a bonus, we will also add every known zip code relevant to your chosen cities, so that you may also appear in zip code search results.Your video commercial will be syndicated and edited, for re-syndication and optimum placement on the World-Wide Web, to key, powerful video sites, and returned in first page search results, for your potential customers to see and view (see our current customer first page video links, on our “Video Production” page).

Payment Option #1:

$99 paid in full for the entire year (renewable yearly).


Payment Option #2:

$19 one-time video production; $19 monthly – NO CONTRACT – verbal or e-mail authorization to debit credit card necessary. A representative will contact you.










We will list your business in 300 + high-ranking local business directories and submit your website to more than 100 top search engines.

Cost: $169.99 / one-time fee









Local Business Locator



Don’t have your own website? No worries, for only $4.99 a month – you can rank high on the major search engines with a featured profile page on Local Business Showcase! Your purchase of this product also gets your business details placed into 150 + high-ranking local business directories and submission to more than 100 search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, Lycos, Dogpile and more!

(Sevilla Local Media reserves the right to approve or reject unsuitable, irrelevant, or inappropriate content content before publishing. Please note that even as our site has many features available, as with any website, there are design restrictions and parameters)

Cost: $4.99 per month









780p Hi- Def Personal DVD of Corporate Video (includes shipping fee) $39.99:


Miscellaneous SEO $79.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $149.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $235.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $350.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $187.00


Miscellaneous SEO $99.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $157.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $300.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $500.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $250.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $750.00:


Miscellaneous SEO $1,300.00:







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