Did Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer Murder His Lieutenant?


Did Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer Murder His Police Lieutenant – Jose Moralez?



Updated: November 2, 2017 after receiving new information.

Official documents and evidence soon to be published on this site.

More evidence and testimony set aside and reserved; NOT published herein.



Fresno Police Lieutenant, Jose Moralez, told his department appointed psychologist – the day he was found dead across the street from Fresno Police Jerry Dyer’s home – that he was going to “confront” Jerry (a physical confrontation was understood), the day that Jerry Dyer had Captain Al Maroney fire him.

Fresno Police Lieutenant, Jose Moralez, did not go to Chief Dyer’s home, in rural South Fresno, to simply stand outside his Chevy Truck and commit suicide, as the Fresno County Sheriff and Coroner would have the public believe.

Evidence of a Cover Up – Fresno City Personnel – Fresno Law Enforcement and County of Fresno personnel Have Come Forward

Law enforcement eyewitnesses and other official Fresno city and county personnel have come forward to say that they were at Jerry Dyer’s home and saw Chief Dyer – covered in Jose Moralez’s blood, in a state of shock – being asked by – based upon information and belief, a Fresno Sheriff Lieutenant – if Lt. Jose Moralez’s death was “self-defense”, and to which Chief Jerry Dyer did not respond – twice.

This law enforcement officer then reportedly stated,

“Chief, this does not look good for you, we (Fresno County Sheriff) will take care of it.”

Based upon information and belief, the cover up of Jose Moralez’s murder by then and current Fresno Police Chief, Jerry Dyer, at that time – was born.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer Protected by former Fresno County Sheriff Pierce?

Based upon information and belief, after Jerry Dyer shot Jose Moralez point blank in the chest – Jose Moralez’s body was moved across the street and placed at the side of the adjacent road, near his truck; his dead body and scene made to look like a “suicide”, as all official reports would later declare.

The Fresno County Coroner – based upon information and belief – is also said to have taken part in this felonious and cruel conspiracy.

Corroborating Evidence & the Intentional Omission of Facts

It is a FACT that Jose ( “Joe” ) had a gash above his eye, indicating a physical altercation with DYER, who he went to visit the night of his death. He did not have this gash when he left the police department after being fired, for Jerry that day, by then Captain, Al Maroney, nor did he have it when he met with his department appointed psychologist. He certainly did not have it when he left his son Dustin, and daughter Kaelyn, at his southeast Fresno home – urgently and visibly troubled – after receiving a mysterious phone call. His teenage children would never see him alive again.

After telling his department appointed psychologist that he was going to “confront” Chief Dyer about his unjust firing and – based upon information and belief, threaten to expose Jerry for his corruption and felonious behavior – Jose would telephone his wife, Yolanda Moralez (a recently retired Fresno Police Detective) after leaving his son and daughter at home, saying to her,

“Babe, does Jerry live on American?”

The question to Yolanda was rhetorical, as Joe (Jose) knew exactly where Jerry lived; having been there several times before. No doubt, Jose was leaving his detective wife a very important clue, as he knew things could end badly for him.

Fresno Police Lieutenant Jose Moralez Was

“… NOT Suicidal.”

It is a fact that Jose’s department appointed psychologist met with Jose the morning of the day of his death – at Jose’s urging – to which his psychologist would later vehemently say that Jose was “not suicidal”, but rather incensed at Chief Dyer, and was planning to have it out with him – physically.

Is Chief Dyer Being Slandered or Defamed Here?

Why would sworn Fresno Law enforcement and city personnel say that Joe’s (Jose) body was in Jerry’s lawn – surrounded by Fresno Police Officers when the official story was that he was “found dead” , with a “self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest”, 100 feet away from Jerry’s house, on the side of the road, outside of his truck, laying face down, with a gun at his left side (Joe was right-handed)?!

(This sharply contradicts what the Fresno County Sheriff has tried to perpetrate to public since 2004 and it goes without saying that Federal investigation is warranted.)

To further cloud the issue and make the official Fresno County Sheriff version even more unbelievable, it was an anonymous motorist from Los Angeles, who allegedly found him – in the dark of the night in a rural area – there, calling 911 and reporting these circumstances in fine detail as if they knew the area very well. They quickly and clearly described a “man” laying dead near a perfectly described “Chevy” truck.

Why was this anonymous person, supposedly from “L.A.”, on [then] dead-end Sunnyside Rd., where there are no lights, on a cold winter night?!

(Chief Dyer’s home, at the time of the incident, is 3rd from the left. Lieutenant Jose Moralez’s body was allegedly discovered by the anonymous motorist further back then where the red car is.)

How much more unbelievable is the Sheriff Department’s story when this caller was never identified – never interviewed and this persons cell phone service was immediately turned off after the mysterious call.

Jerry Dyer’s neighbors were NOT interviewed by the Fresno County Sheriff investigator in his bogus investigation; a fact later corroborated by the neighbors themselves when later interviewed by Jose’s widow, Yolanda Moralez.

Interesting also how nobody, not even Chief Jerry Dyer or his family, even heard a gunshot from a few feet away, in the dead of a cold winter night, when sounds are heard more clearly.

What is ultra incriminating against the Fresno County Sheriff and Coroner, entirely absent in their reports is the FACT that …

Dead Men Don’t Make Phone Calls?

Lt. Jose Moralez, made phone calls from his personal cell phone at the time he would’ve been dead, according to the Coroner and Sheriff’s Department! He called his voicemail at a time that would’ve been absolutely impossible!

What About the Gun?

What about Jose Moralez’s personal .40 Caliber Glock handgun, that he was alleged to have killed himself with? It was given back to his widow and in all Fresno County Sheriff department Police Reports, is identified by serial number but, when the gun was ran by CHP in a vehicle stop a few years later, that gun came back to the officer as NO RECORDS FOUND; not registered to Fresno Police Lieutenant, Jose Moralez.

How can that be?!

Clearly, based upon information and belief…


Addendum: November 2, 2017

GSR tests were performed on Jose Moralez by the Fresno County Coroner and “NO GUNSHOT RESIDUE WAS FOUND.”

If Jose Moralez shot himself with his gun, in the chest, effectively committing “suicide”, as alleged…


Federal Crimes Committed by the Fresno Police Department – Fresno County Sheriff and Fresno County Coroner


Not only did the forgoing events take place and were not documented by the Sheriff’s Department, but Jose’s personal locker at the Fresno Police Department was broken into by Police personnel (had to be right?) and items stolen. His Skelly Hearing paperwork was in there among other things (gun)?

Additionally, as the mortuary called his widow, okaying her to come pick up his personal belongings – “cops” got there before she did and took the belongings – under the guise of official business – Why?

Bogus Autopsy and Coroner’s Investigation Squarely Focused on Suicide

Jose Moralez was NOT wearing the clothing he was described to have been wearing in the official autopsy report which, by the way, neglected to document the following routine examinations and tests, among other facts:

  • A Liver Temperature Test was not performed; this is necessary to determine the time of death;
  • A Gun Shot Residue (GSR) Test was NOT performed; this is necessary to rule out suicide or murder. CORRECTED on 11/2/17: According to official Fresno County Coroner Autopsy Reports – GSR tests WERE PERFORMED ON JOSE MORALEZ and NO GUN SHOT RESIDUE WAS FOUND!!!
  • The time of Jose’s alleged “suicide” and the time at which rigor mortis is claimed to have set in cannot be true, given the fact that Jose made phone calls just before midnight;
  • Jose was documented in the autopsy as being “circumcised” when he was not;
  • Times were changed on no less than 3 different pages of the report and Sheriff personnel would admit to reports being order to be changed.

This information, as well as the gathering at Jerry’s home and before the “command center” was created, is entirely absent in all official police and Coroner’s reports relating to Jose’s death!

Jerry Dyer’s False Alibi – Where was Jerry?


Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, would claim to have been at a local restaurant the night of Jose Moralez’s death until 9:00 pm or so and then came home but, the local restaurant owner and employees could not corroborate his alibi of having been there. They said he wasn’t!

In early August, a Fresno County Sheriff Sergeant, who was a deputy and one of the first responders the night of Jose death (so he claims in that fashion), would reveal by his statement to this writer and to Jose’s family that, Chief Jerry Dyer was NOT at home as he claimed in official reports but rather “…drove up” to the “suicide” scene, which was well after midnight, after having left his “office”, presumably.

This, now Sergeant, tripped up and effectively threw Chief Dyer under the bus, exposing him by corroborating the fact that Chief Jerry Dyer was in fact NOT inside his home innocently, when Jose allegedly fired the lone shot into his chest from across the street, as Chief Jerry Dyer himself, claimed.

Clearly, based upon information and belief, Jerry Dyer, as part of the charade, must’ve driven his car across the street, for this deputy (now Sergeant) to have truthfully witnessed what he claimed to have!

Where was Dyer, at home?

Asleep with his family, never hearing a gunshot?

Or, was he in the front lawn covered in Jose’s blood, only to later make it seem as though he “drove up” to which this now Sergeant would claim to say to him, “Hi Chief”?!


CORRECTED: The investigation was NOT conducted by current Fresno County Sheriff, Margaret Mims, as previously written here, but at the time of Joe’s death, Margaret Mims was with the department and based upon information and belief, is well aware of the competing circumstances.

Professional and Personal Blackmail Against Chief Jerry Dyer?

Based upon information and belief, IT IS A WELL KNOWN FACT OR PERSONALLY HELD BELIEF WITHIN THE FRESNO POLICE DEPARTMENT AND SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT THAT LT. JOSE MORALEZ DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE and not just a personally held belief or popular conspiracy theory in fact, it is said to be well-known that…

Fresno County Sheriff, Margaret Mims, is in possession of, and has been in possession of documents/a letter that directly implicates Chief Jerry Dyer in Jose Moralez’s murder, and has used it against Chief Dyer for political “blackmail” purposes, such as when Jerry had ambitions of “running for Sheriff” or “consolidating the two departments”, basically, “to keep him in check”, as according to sources, Mims cannot stand Jerry Dyer and even once threw him out of her office.




Investigation Conducted by an Ex-Fresno Sheriff Deputy

Yolanda Moralez, Jose’s Widow, as previously mentioned, was herself a barely retired Fresno Police Detective whose stellar career was featured in a book about Hispanic women who have broken the glass ceiling entitled, ‘Mariposa’. Yolanda worked homicide and Major Drug Buys, along with CCAT and VCSU; she knew Jerry Dyer well and emphatically believes/knows that Jerry Dyer murdered her husband, Lt. Jose Moralez, and a cover up by the Fresno County Sheriff and Coroner’s Office – ensued.

Not only did Yolanda conduct her own investigation into this matter, but a former Fresno County Sheriff Investigator/Deputy – now a highly regarded and successful Private Investigator, did as well, and the findings are astonishing, revealing that Fresno Police Lieutenant Jose Moralez could not have committed suicide as claimed by the Fresno County Sheriff, Coroner and Police Department, and that the Sheriff’s & Coroner’s Office investigation is flawed to the point of utter corruption.


The Deliberate Indifference of the City and County of Fresno Toward Yolanda Moralez – Yolanda Moralez v. City Of Fresno, et al.

A matter of public record and accessible under the Freedom of Information Act – why did the CITY OF FRESNO fight to conceal the phone records of Joe’s department issued cell phone?

Their claim was that releasing the phone records to Yolanda Moralez, Joe’s widow, would pose a security concern, as she would then have access to the Fresno P..D. personal cell phone and home numbers yet, Yolanda Moralez was the recently retired Detective Yolanda Moralez of Fresno Police Department and already had the phone numbers of the entire Fresno Police Department, which is not unusual as department personnel are given Call Out Sheets for this very purpose, to have the phone numbers of departmental personnel for contact purposes.

Why did Yolanda Moralez’ attorney, KEVIN LITTLE, fail to amend the complaint and fail to show up in Court, causing Yolanda Moralez’ lawsuit to be dismissed with prejudice?!

Based upon information and belief…INTIMIDATION.

Mrs. Moralez didn’t even find out about the dismissal of her lawsuit until a hearing had been conducted and the City of Fresno’s Motion for Dismissal was granted by Judge Ishii; she found out by receiving a letter from the Court in the mail, not even from her incompetent and corrupt attorney, who should be disbarred for his actions. Fortunately for him, Mrs. Moralez’ mental state was and has been greatly compromised as a result of her husbands “murder” and the defeating circumstances that have regularly followed ever since; she did not pursue such.

Read More

Yolanda Moralez, Jose’s widow, has been hung out to dry by the City of Fresno.




The Relationship Between Jerry Dyer and Jose Moralez


Chief Dyer illegally terminated his long-time friend and loyal Fresno Police Department Lieutenant, Jose Moralez on the very day of his subsequent death. Despite Jose having an exemplary career with the department for more than 30 years and set to be one of its next Captain’s, he was the subject of an Internal Affairs Investigation surrounding an extra marital affair; the stated cause of his termination was an email he sent to a female departmental employee.





It is well-known within the department and in Fresno that Jerry Dyer himself has had extra marital affairs, illegal steroid use, numerous physical confrontations, public and private drunkenness, and even his admitted sexual relations with an underage teen girl which amounts to child molestation or statutory rape, and to which Jerry would ADMIT TO recently (to Yolanda Moralez and her children), in no way denying it (he has publicly skirted the issue but has not denied it). Yet, the good ol’ white boy that Jerry was and is, earned him protection from his then Chief and cohorts and despite all of his unworthy behavior, that should’ve resulted in termination and would’ve for a minority – no doubt; rose to become Fresno’s current Chief of Police, even as based upon information and belief, he is officially retired and on contract, reaping a whirlwind of benefits and money, said to be at about “a million dollars” annually.

Shame on the City of Fresno! They continue to protect this unworthy law breaker.





I know first hand that Jose Moralez was not a kiss ass and not part of Jerry’s copulating crew of suck ups; he was genuinely hurt and in fact, enraged by Jerry’s hypocritical treatment of him and felt betrayed after being loyal to him all those years. Jerry bought a home directly across the street from Jose – they were that close. Joe was determined to pull Jerry’s covers if he fired him for doing far less than what Jerry, himself, had done and continued to do. He personally told this me.

Suicide? Joe was never depressed a day in his life. Never.

Joe had repented from his adulteries and was exceedingly remorseful, fearful that he’d lose his beautiful family; his wife Yolanda forgave him and they were happy and on the road to healing. A Christian, he became thirsty for God’s word and would read often. Titus 3:5 became his life verse and hope.



Legitimate Investigation into the Death of Fresno Police Lieutenant Jose Moralez


The Glaring Inconsistencies and Impossibilities

There was not and there continues NOT to be a legitimate and unbiased investigation into Lieutenant Jose Moralez’s death. It was done purely from the standpoint of suicide with all other facts ignored and – based upon information and belief – with the intent to protect Chief Dyer from possible criminal prosecution for murder or manslaughter.

  • What’s to be revealed in Jose Moralez’ cell phone records?
  • Why would the City of Fresno fight Jose’s widow in court to hide Jose’s last phone calls?
  • Who were they to?
  • What about the gun that Jose allegedly used to take his own life – there are glaring inconsistencies with that ultra-relevant detail?
  • THERE WAS NO GUN SHOT RESIDUE ON JOSE MORALEZ according to Coroner’s Reports – this is IMPOSSIBLE if he shot himself!!!
  • Why wasn’t a liver temperature test taken; this would’ve been done even with a John Doe transient found dead on the side of the road?
  • The Autopsy Report is seriously flawed and hardly thorough, as dates were changed and are inaccurate. Moreover, the claim of when rigor mortis set in is huge in the Coroner’s Report, as scientifically, it is impossible.
  • Why the gash above Joe’s eye? He didn’t have it when he left his home, and why isn’t the length and description of it specific, as it should be?
  • Jose Moralez told his department appointed psychologist that he was going to “confront” Jerry that day; he did not simply park a few yards from Jerry Dyer’s home to commit “suicide”!
  • If “suicide” and Joe being right-handed – why the gun on his left side, his body face down?
  • Who commits “suicide” by shooting themselves in the chest?

Why was the 911 callers phone immediately disconnected, and why was that person never identified nor interviewed?

Based upon information and belief, Jose Moralez was murdered and all evidence points to Jerry Dyer, or one of his trusted officers (One of Jerry’s closest Captain’s is also suspected to be directly involved).

A Request for Investigation and Indictment by the Fresno County Grand Jury was made but it (the Fresno County Grand Jury) was then disbanded.

The civil lawsuit filed against the City of Fresno on behalf of Joe’s widow and children, was dismissed due to, based upon information and belief, the intentional sabotaging by his widow’s own attorney via pressure from the Fresno elite. (In fact, this attorney now acts as if he doesn’t even know his former client in what was a very high-profile case!)

Clearly, justice in the civil federal court was never given a chance to succeed, due to the legal obstruction by the City of Fresno and an exceedingly incompetent or malicious attorney.

The City of Fresno, the County of Fresno and the State of California have looked the other way; is Jerry Dyer that powerful and revered, and Jose Moralez’ life and family that worthless? Does justice only belong to the elite and powerful?




It was sickening and continues to be so to see this charlatan, Jerry Dyer, constantly on television; a whore for the spotlight, standing next to FBI agents; Governor Brown and others, knowing what he is truly about and how he truly runs the Fresno Police Department with henchman, intimidation and fear, according to many within the department!

Where is the Fresno County District Attorney in this matter? She claims to have set up a task force to bring the corrupt to justice! She knows all about the allegations and rumors of “murder” in this matter – where is she?

Read More

Where is Fresno County Sheriff, Margaret Mims – is she truly satisfied with the bogus and embarrassing so-called “investigation” into Jose’s death in 2004?

Jerry Dyer, like all citizens of this country, is presumed innocent until found to be guilty in a court of law. Whether it’s Jerry Dyer, or one of his cronies – the circumstances surrounding Jose Moralez’ death; ruled a suicide, have all the markings of a homicide and it deserves to investigated properly with Fresno Police Chief, Jerry Dyer as a prime suspect.


Jose Moralez’ body needs to be exhumed with a proper autopsy and a legitimate murder investigation needs to be launched by Federal authorities.


Why Hasn’t the FBI Investigated this Likely Homicide?

In 2007, when the Fresno Bureau of the FBI was called and told many of these facts and bits of potential evidence, a SPECIAL AGENT AT THE FRESNO FBI BUREAU, and outright telling him that – we believe JERRY DYER MURDERED JOSE – he would sat to me…

“I’ve known Jerry Dyer for years, he’d never do anything like this.”

What interest do they have in partaking in such local police department injustice and cover up?! They’ve done nothing but dismiss evidence and testimony – flat-out, FAIL TO INVESTIGATE, even when family members and Fresno Police Officers and Fresno City Mental Health personnel have come to them with incriminating felonious evidence against Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department!





The Widow and Her Family

Don’t be surprised if another John Lang scenario takes place.

Pounding on his chest in grief and anger, Jose’s widow was certain that Jerry had murdered Joe, the night that Jerry showed up at her door, just past midnight, with a platoon of Fresno law enforcement.




Jerry, whose life lived to that point had been less than exemplary and hardly worthy of admiration, supposedly became a born again Christian and one who has the audacity to take credit for Joe’s personal faith in Jesus Christ; Jerry loves to exalt himself and receive glory! Yolanda screamed at him that night,

“God showed you so much mercy; you failed to show Joe any mercy!”

In one way or another, Jerry Dyer, the Fresno Police Department and City of Fresno, has destroyed the Moralez family.

Joe’s blood cries out for justice and the family has not rested, not only have they had to live with the mental cruelty of injustice, but the security of their own homes have been compromised; she and her oldest son especially, have lived with the reality of surveillance and Yolanda Moralez has lived under the threat and fear of death in retaliation for not letting this issue go.

Fresno Police Department – Ruled by Intimidation – Retaliation and Threats of Violence and Death

Both current and former Fresno Police Department law enforcement personnel, as well as city politicians and others who have known Fresno Police Chief, Jerry Dyer for many, many years, tell stories of how Jerry Dyer USED to be BUT STILL IS; alleging first hand that “Keith Foster” is nothing compared to what Jerry is, and once vehemently claims what many in the Fresno Police Department know very well, that he is a narcissist, terrorizing his police department with – based upon information and belief – murder, threats of violence and intimidation.




Fresno animal lovers, have you ever heard the story about your Chief of Police, Jerry Dyer, throwing a cat against the wall in a steroid rage; killing it?

This is a known fact!


Justice for Joe – A Widows Plea for Help in Investigating the Death of Fresno Police Lieutenant Jose Moralez

I have always believed that what is done in secret shall be revealed in the light; that God is a righteous and just God; with a heart for the widow and He who abhors lies, deceit and corruption.

“To whom much is given, much is required” the Bible says.

All authority that is in place has been set in place by God; even the wicked serve His perfect plan and purpose. Even if Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer is not Jose’s murderer – which based upon information and belief is nearly impossible to believe at this point – City of Fresno, The Fresno Police Department, The Fresno County Sheriff and Coroner’s Office, and Yolanda Moralez’ attorney, Kevin Little, based upon information and belief, are the poster boys for incompetence and corruption; the people of Fresno County, and especially Yolanda Moralez and her family, deserve for this matter to be taken seriously in a quest for justice.





Citizens of Fresno and Fresno County, are you pleased with the potential reality of paying Jerry Dyer, Margaret Mims, the Fresno County Coroner and all others involved in, based upon information and belief, a criminal cover up of epic proportions, especially after Jerry Dyer’s right hand man, Keith Foster, also suspected of involvement in this matter, stands by and laughs all the way to the bank with millions of dollars in wages and retirement?

Confidential Tips

Were you there the night of Jose Moralez’ death?

If so, you are culpable in this matter and subject to criminal prosecution. Do you want to clear your conscience and get right with God in this matter and no doubt receive the grace and mercy that God has to offer the contrite and humble of heart?

Will you be loyal to the truth or to those who have unjustly handled this matter?

Then Captain, Al Maroney – where are you in all this?

You terminated Jose that day for Jerry and it is a fact that your wife called looking for YOU the night of Jose’s death! You are known to be one of Jerry’s henchman, along with Robert “Bobby” Nevarez and others – based upon information and belief – you guys, at the very minimum – along with Keith Foster and others – know the truth about Lt. Jose Moralez’s death, but are too cowardly to stand up for law and justice – the truth – afraid of that coward and false prophet Jerry Dyer, who, while he names the name of Jesus Christ, according to his own employees, robs, lies, cheats and kills.

Jerry Dyer loves the spotlight! This – based upon information and belief from licensed, professional mental health experts – “Sociopath” – continues to go about his every day business as someone who is officially retired but contracted by the City of Fresno to continue to be its Chief of Police – making nearly a million dollars a year at the expense of Fresno and State tax payers, cumulatively, now even appearing in ADT Security commercials!

Sickening. Fresno, you are okay with this?!

Justice Will Be Served Eventually – Where Will You Be When it Happens?

Are you the spouse, or former spouse of someone you know was there that fateful night? Do you have first hand knowledge of what really happened?

Were you there on Jerry Dyer’s front lawn and whether you wanted to be or not – part of this cover up?

Who are you and where are you “anonymous” 911 caller?

To any and all who have any information regarding this alleged homicide and alleged police cover up? If so, please contact us below. Your correspondence will be used to bring forth the truth about Jose Moralez’s unjust death.

Are you media? Please also contact us using the form below:

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