DIGNITY CIGARS: Eric Dickerson Golf Tournament

April 10, 2019




Dignity Cigars to sponsor Eric Dickerson’s 2019 Hall of Fame Annual Charity Golf Invitational!





April 28-29, 2019


The Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA will be graced with Dignity.


Dignity Cigars is proud to be a sponsor of this event which brings men and women of various ethnicities together in efforts to solve a growing problem that plagues various communities, the problem of fatherless boys.

In support of Young Warriors, a 501c3 organization that guides and inspires fatherless boys how to become great men!

Don’Juan of Dignity Cigars says: “The spirit of this event keeps you coming back.” I like to call it. “An invitational that could change the world.”

The opening night Private VIP party will be star-studded event. Stories will dance around the room, new friendships will be formed.

People whom share with each other begin to understand each other’s journey through life. which in turn, opens a world of possibilities.

Next morning, the golf invitational gets underway.

Participants tee off in the spirit of harmony. For this is not a competition, It’s a gathering of great spirits with hearts of gold working together to champion a solution to fatherless boys, by way of guiding and mentoring young boys to one day be great men.

Growing up, we were taught, everything happens for reason. Every failure we experience is nothing more than the seed to an equivalent success.

The universe is kind! All we ask of it shall be granted, if we truly believe that we can achieve.

For more information, contact Jason Hill at YWinfo@youngwarriors.org

For more info on Dignity Cigars, visit www.digntycigars.com or contact: donjuan@dignitycigars.com

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