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The Resistance Movement

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Health Club, Aerobics Instructor, Pilates Studio, Physical

The Resistance Movement is a gym and fitness facility located in Lowertown St. Paul, MN that fuses traditional Pilates, yoga, strength training, and dance movements with suspended resistance cords that thoroughly engage your arms, legs and core for a total body experience. By taking a combination of classes or focusing on just one class, you will benefit from a well-balanced workout, all while toning and lengthening your muscles, developing functional flexibility, and giving you the energy you need to get through your day. This unique method changes your body like none other. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight, develop functional flexibility or undo effects of desk-osis (sitting at a desk all day!), you’ll see results within a few visits, all while having a crazy fun time. Pilates with a twist means you won’t get bored. This workout is seriously hardcore! Whether you’re new to working out or are a professional athlete, The Resistance Movement will challenge you!

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