The “Total You” Workshop from Rise Programs Academy


How to improve “The Total You” Spirit, Soul and understand the 3 primary areas to bring passion, alignment and stability into your entire life. You will get direction to live, obtain spiritual awakening, recharge emotionally, improve your thought process, and refresh your life!

The Total You workshop is about becoming the best version of yourself: Spirit, Soul, and Body. Since we are made of 3 parts known as a Tripartite, we must improve in each of these areas throughout our life. It’s human nature to look for short cuts in life such as “How to lose 30lbs in 30 Days” or “Get 6 Figures in 6 weeks!” Often this way of thinking leads to neglect or deprivation in parts of our life. In the end we find ourselves spiritual empty, emotionally drained and physically weak. The Total You will help you improve neglected areas, so you can become the best version of self:

• Strengthen your ability to overcome obstacles
• Align your spirit to allow
• Understand the benefits of having a healthy body
• Be able to create strong connections with your peers.

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