Riverside Under Armour – Under the Lights Football: Gracie Sevilla & The Steelers – Type 1 Diabetes

Riverside Under Armour – Under the Lights Football Team: Gracie Sevilla – Type 1 Diabetic



April 9, 2019

Riverside Under Armour – Under the Lights: K-2 Division Steelers and Gracie Sevilla – Type 1 Diabetic Football Player

For Immediate Release

On Friday, April 12, 2019, the Riverside Under Armour – Under the Lights K-2 Flag Football Team – the Steelers (3-0), will be playing a double-header against the also undefeated Raiders, then against the 1-2 Rams. The game against the Raiders is a league showcase game  that pits two dynamic offenses and lock down defenses against one another for first place in the league and the inside track to play in the National Championship Game at UCLA in May.

The Riverside Steelers recently beat the Menifee Raiders by a score 20-8 with Riverside Quarterback, Luke Sevilla, recording an epic game with 3 interceptions at Safety; one was a pick 6.

Luke also was 5/6 passing with a touchdown pass and had many long gains at running back.

Guillermo Villarreal, had a strong game on defense with 6 stops.

Last week, the Steelers fell behind two (2) scores against the Riverside Seahawks, until Luke Sevilla, playing running back and safety, accounted for 3 touchdowns to bring the team to an 18-13 victory.

The Steelers team features 5 returning members from last years Championship game squad: Luke Sevilla, Gracie Sevilla, Jayden Sage, Guillermo Villarreal, & Noah Corona.

The Steelers have added 3 dynamic players to their mix this year: Sese Tuolioa, Eden Esau and Zane Sedoris – increasing their speed and skill exponentially.

Sese Tuolioa, is the 6 year-old brother of Lokeni and Leni Tuolioa; starting linebackers for the UCLA Bruins, and Lemusu Toailoa; starting Linebacker for the Sacramento State Hornets.

The UCLA tandem helped out at practice; bringing their friends and teammates, and were on the sidelines helping Head Coach, Tommy Sevilla at the Menifee showcase game.

Unique to the Riverside Under the Lights Flag Football League is Receiver, Running Back and Defensive End, Gracie Sevilla, the only girl in the league, the youngest player in the league (5) and a Type 1 Diabetic, recently diagnosed last year.

Type 1 Diabetes is an incurable auto-immune disease that affects mostly children from 4 years old and rarely strikes adults. Type 1 Diabetes is thought to be triggered by viruses/illnesses common to school aged children (RotoVirus, Foot and Mouth, etc) who have the genetic markers of Type 1 Diabetes, which causes the Pancreas to fight against its own beta cells and shut down partially, then entirely, rendering the Pancreas useless to produce life saving Insulin.

Gracie, literally needs Insulin Shots to stay alive and receives as many as 10 per day.

Gracie, whose blood glucose levels have dipped to deadly levels (32 mg/dl) or has risen to deadly levels (600 + mg/dl), plays with a continuous glucose monitoring device affixed to her thigh that sends a reading to her dad, mom and school teachers & nurses (River Springs Magnolia Center in Riverside) cell phone app, alerting them of both highs and lows.

The device is a Dexcom G6 and her father, Tommy Sevilla, the teams head coach of two years, keeps the receiver in his pocket as he coaches the kids; including Gracie, on the playing field.

Gracie was recently featured in Insulin Nation and on Channel 2 & 9 news – Los Angeles affiliates, regarding her Type 1 Diabetes and athletic prowess; Gracie also excels in Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. She currently stars for the Jurupa Valley Single A – Angels Baseball Team as an infielder and power hitter.

As a soccer player, Gracie was the leading scorer on her Riverside Parks & Recreation team and, as a Basketball Player, she recently made a long shot from the baseline area of the adult basketball court in a Parks & Recreation game at Reid Park.

Gracie Sevilla has a website in development: https://GracieSevilla.com  , which links to her GoFundMe page where she is raising Type 1 Diabetes awareness and also money for a Diabetic Alert Dog.

Grace for the Cure, is the name of the organization founded by Gracie’s dad, to bring awareness to Type 1 Diabetes.


Diabetic Alert Dogs are specially trained dogs that alert the affected person and those around them of impending highs and lows, a full 15 minutes before a CGM like the Dexcom G6 or other man-made technologies, and can even sense and alert from many miles away when they are away from their owners; such as when Gracie is in school.

Friday night double-header will be played at Riverside’s Arlington High School at 6:00 pm (Raiders) and 8:00 pm (Seahawks).

For inquiries, please contact:

Tommy Sevilla (951) 289-1710
Head Coach, Under Armour Steelers


Sevilla Local Media – Grace for the Cure #graceforthecure

Up for the Challenge, Down for the Cause: Grace for the Cure!

Fundraising to End Type 1 Diabetes

Team “Grace for the Cure” is Up for the Challenge and Down for the Cause!





Sevilla Local Media

Support Team Gracie Sevilla



Support Team Grace for the Cure!


Our team is participating in walks to end type 1 diabetes (T1D). The JDRF One Walk is one of many that we will participate in this year and we seek to also promote and support other reputable organizations, as well.


What’s in the World is Going On with Gracie?!


In March of 2018, our little Gracie was not her normal self. Her dad noticed her waking up several night in a row, late at night, to use the restroom and asking for something to drink as she was always “very thirsty”. Knowing a little something about Diabetes, her dad feared the worse and began to research and learn what he had been already fearing. He sent a link to his wife, who was fast asleep at the time and she was in denial. As the weekend approached, they knew they had to make an appointment with the doctor. Gracie’s Mom Melodie, was too distraught to call her Husband Tommy that morning, so one of his daughters had to, telling him to get down to the doctor’s office immediately, as it was certain Gracie was now a Type 1 Diabetic and they all needed to be trained to manage this deadly, life-long illness.


“It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him.

John 9:3


So many questions were asked and so much was immediately learned; Type 1 Diabetes is not caused by eating too many sweets, a poor diet or being obese, but is rather an Autoimmune Disease whereby the Insulin producing pancreas shuts down for one reason or another, mostly likely the latent effects of having been afflicted with a virus long, or not long ago.



When you have T1D, your body stops producing insulin—a hormone essential to turning food into energy. Managing the disease is a constant struggle that involves monitoring your blood-sugar level, administering insulin, and carefully balancing these insulin doses with your eating and activity just to stay alive.



Gracie Sevilla – Type 1 Super Star!

We live by faith in Jesus Christ and lean not upon our own understanding, but rather trust Him in all things. Although sometimes it’s so much easier said then done, ultimately, we trust in Him and love Him so much. This being said, he’s blessed Gracie’s dad as a provider for his family and also with great determination and zeal for good things and causes; we feel ashamed at not knowing the struggles that so many dealt with before this came into our lives and we’re determined to overcome this daily with joy and live lives as normal as possible, using our talents and resources to the glory of God the Father; helping as many as possible and also helping to fund a cure.

Even with insurance this is an exceedingly expensive disease but where God guides, God provides and if we can bring awareness and also give to others in need like we have, awesome!




With T1D there are no days off and there is no cure. But there is hope.





Donate Directly to the Team and to Gracie and Her Needs


We trust in God and do not rely upon anyone but Him but we know full and well he works through others through prayers and giving from their hearts. Even as He has always supplied our needs abundantly and faithfully, there are those who love Gracie and know the struggle of this disease and want to help and therefore, want to donate to the Team itself, for Type 1 Diabetes extraordinary needs, in addition to or in place of the organizations that we support. For this reason, we have created donation buttons and the means to support, below.



However, know that if God hears your prayers, we cherish your prayers MOSTLY, but like some want to help Team Grace for the Cure monetarily, for this event and others upcoming, your gift on this site will:

Go directly to her special fund for events and other extraordinary needs; such needs are things like:

  • Attending special camps for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes, where the staff are either Type 1 themselves or highly trained and equipped. Gracie, only recently met another kid with Type 1 Diabetes in July; he, too, had a Dexcom g6 monitoring device, and it’s important for her to feel like she’s not alone, hence, our participation in these events organizing support teams and such;
  • 24 hour Glucose monitoring (Dexcom g6 sensors, for example, cost about $500 each and last only 10 days). Although we’ve been approved and have paid for a Dexcom g6 and have finally gotten insurance to cover it, there are always issues, limited supplies and red tape, forcing a lot of high, out of pocket expenditures;
  • Glucose Pump (something we are considering at the moment);
  • A specially trained Diabetic alert (service) dog that we are strongly considering at the moment. These dogs are specially trained and raised as pups in just a few places across the country and range from $10,000 and up. They can literally alert a glucose level drop or spike 15 minutes before it happens.

Things like this.



A Puppy for Gracie?


Your gift will go toward these things and will also go toward funding self-promoted future events, as we use our talents and resources to fight this disease to the benefit of ALL who suffer, especially the kids, with Gracie’s upcoming website (below). The direct gifts in the future will be tax-deductible:


You may donate using the Pay Pal buttons below, which will give you the option of paying by credit card or Pay Pal at checkout. If you’d like to increase the donation, simply change the quantity of the item at check out.

We thank you for your time and consideration and support.



$20 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure

$50 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure

$75 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure

$100 Donation to Help Fund Team: Grace for the Cure



To give directly to the JDRF, simply click on the link below!

Contact: sevillalocalmedia@gmail.com



Armando “The Man” Muniz – Boxing Legend – to be Honored by City of Montebello, California


Sevilla Local Media

Riverside, California

(951) 289-1710


Contact: Tommy Sevilla



For Immediate Release: Hall of Fame Boxer and 1968 U.S. Olympian – Armando “The Man” Muniz – to be Honored by the City of Montebello


Hall of Fame Boxer and 1968 U.S. Olympian, Armando “El Hombre” Muniz, will be honored by the City of Montebello, California on Wednesday, July 25th @ 6:30 pm, in the Council Chambers at the Montebello City Hall, during its regularly scheduled City Council Meeting, in a resolution set forth by Mayor Pro Tem, Jack Hadjinian:




Armando is available for interview immediately after the City Council honors him or before @ Golden Skewer Mediterranean Restaurant @ 4:30 pm:


2212 W Beverly Blvd,

Montebello, CA 90640


Armando “The Man” Muniz, is known in boxing circles as “The People’s Champ”, a sentiment widely shared as Armando, in 1975, traveled to Acapulco, Mexico to fight the legendary Welterweight Champion, Jose “Mantequilla” Napoles, and although battering Napoles the entire fight and the referee stopping the fight to spare Napoles further punishment, would raise Napoles’ hand in victory, after being called to the corner by WBC President, Jose Sulaiman, who ordered him to declare Napoles the victor, to the benefit of Napoles and the World Boxing Council. The disgraceful outcome would be known as the “greatest robbery in boxing history” and Muniz would be known thereafter as the “People’s Champ”.

Muniz, a member of the 1968 Olympic Boxing Team and NABF Welterweight Champion, would fight for the world title 4 times; his last fight was a loss to legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

Armando Muniz is one of the few professional boxers in history to also have earned a college degree. Armando is a graduate of UCLA and would later earn his teaching credential, finally retiring from teaching in the Jurupa Valley School District after many years of public service.

Nearly 15 years ago, Armando founded the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club in Rubidoux, California, to allow at-risk youth and community residents at-large, the opportunity to learn the art and skills of boxing.


Armando Muniz’ life after boxing included cameo roles in the hit ABC sitcom “Taxi” – role in the 1988 feature film “Midnight Run”, as well as spokesperson roles for Schlitz and Stroh’s Brewing Companies.

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Armando was raised in Montebello, California and attended it’s primary, elementary and junior high schools there, while earning a reputation as a world-class boxer and Olympic hopeful.

In 1968, Armando Muniz would be a teammate of the legendary George Foreman in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, representing the United States Army.

A legendary figure at the storied Olympic Audtorium, Armando is known for being an East Los Angeles fan favorite and boxing legend.

Additional Information about Armando Muniz:

Armando’s Official Website: https://armandomuniz.org

Name: Armando Muniz
Alias: El Hombre / The Man
Birth Name: Armando Muñíz
Born: 1947-05-03
Birthplace: Mexico
Hometown: Montebello, California, USA
Height: 5′ 6″ / 168cm
Reach: 68½″ / 174cm

Represented the United States in the welterweight class at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

He was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

Olympic Results:

Defeated Marian Kasprzyk (Poland) 4-1
Defeated Max Hebeisen (Switzerland) 4-1
Lost to Mario Omar Guillotti (Argentina) 1-4

1969 and 1970 National AAU Welterweight Champion.

Drafted into the United States Army in 1968.

Fought for the World Welterweight Championship four times, losing twice to Jose Napoles and twice to Carlos Palomino.

Inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993.

Elected to serve a two-year term as President of the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005.

Muniz was elected to serve another two-year term in 2009.

Attended Cerritos College and earned a wrestling scholarship to UCLA.

Muniz earned a degree in Spanish from Cal State University and later received a Masters in Educational Administration from National University.

Worked as a math and Spanish teacher for 23 years at Rubidoux High School in Riverside, California.

Muniz also served as the school’s wrestling coach for 21 years.

He retired in 2008.