PRESS RELEASE: Murrieta Superior Court Judge Denies Football Coach’s Petition for Restraining Order Against Parent of a Former Player

Murrieta Superior Court Judge Denies Football Coach’s Petition for Restraining Order Against Parent of a Former Player

Murrieta Superior Court Judge Denies Football Coach’s Petition for Restraining Order Against Parent of a Former Player

Vista Murrieta High School Defensive Backs Coach, who is also Head Coach and Commissioner of the Murrieta Broncos Junior All-American Football Team and the Frat Boyz Club 7 on 7 Football Team, claims to have feared for his life and sought protection.

Temecula, California Jun 5, 2023 – On May 10, 2023, Christopher Lee Mercadal filed California Judicial Form CH-109 – a Notice of Court Hearing (Civil Harassment Prevention), accompanied by Judicial Form CH-110 – Temporary Restraining Order (see photos), in a Murrieta Superior Court, seeking to have Tommy Sevilla, a former friend, former Murrieta Junior All-American Football Associate Chapter AD and Deputy Commissioner of the Murrieta Broncos, banned from all “Southern California Junior All-American Football” fields and schools in the Murrieta area where the Defendant’s children participate in youth sports (Mercadal v Sevilla Case #: CVSW2302721 ).

Later in the week, Petitioner Mercadal had the Riverside County Sheriff serve Defendant Sevilla at his home. The Sheriff’s Deputy was obligated by law to have Sevilla surrender any and all firearms that he had in his possession in lieu of the May 11th Superior Court Hearing. Sevilla had no weapons to surrender, and Sevilla would later testify to the Court that he has never owned a firearm, nor has he been in possession of one, and that Mercadal was making false statements about gun possession to deceive the Court into granting his baseless Petition, especially as firearms have never been mentioned in any of their conversations.

Mercadal’s Petition to the Court also claimed that Sevilla was a Central American “gang member” (Sevilla is Mexican and Puerto Rican) who owned, had possession of, or had access to guns and fellow gang members that Mercadal feared could harm him. Mercadal further testified to the Court that Sevilla labeled him as a “child abuser” and was upset that Sevilla made these allegations against him to Kyle Jackson – President of the Murrieta Broncos Junior All-American Football team, the principles within the Southern California Junior All-American Football organization, as well as Vista Murrieta High School administrators and to Head Coach – Coley Candaele; former Head Coach Pederson and their athletic director – Carl Galloway.

The feud between the former friends and colleagues within the Murrieta Junior All-American Youth Football Organization and Frat Boyz team organization started when Sevilla wrote an email to Coach Mercadal as a parent and friend, touching on matters of concern that directly affected his family and his son; namely that Sevilla’s son was loyal to Merc, had chosen to skip a TrialNet Study for Type 1 Diabetes at Standford University in order to accommodate Mercadal’s request for Sevilla’s son to play up in age group with the 12u Frat Boyz team in a tournament whereby they would play the elite OG Ducks team on Sevilla’s son’s birthday no less. When Sevilla’s son, a very skilled athlete, would receive zero playing time in that game, Sevilla’s son was dejected and both were obviously miffed at the fact that all of the coach’s son’s, many of whom are not at the skill level of Sevilla, played in the game. Sevilla, in his email to Merc, pointed out these things and told Merc that the rivalries were not between the players, but rather between the coaches who get the huge trophy afterward and whose sons get the MVP trophies while the rest of the players don’t so much as get a bottle of water, according to Sevilla’s email to Merc (see attached), written in a non-threatening and even pleasant manner, ending it with an invitation to smoke cigars and drink whiskey. Mercadal’s violent and disrespectful response to Sevilla about his son would set the tone for the future marked by retaliation. First, based upon information and belief, Mercadal would immediately lobby to have Sevilla removed from the MJAAF Board, which he was, but Sevilla, also the League’s Webmaster, would never learn of such a move until it was time to log in to the website from which he was now suddenly blocked from accessing. Following these events, Sevilla and his family would be harassed and threatened by a colleague of Mercadal’s – youth football coach, Reginald Kemp, known as “Coach Kemp”, who would threaten in text messages to harm Sevilla’s kids and his wife, repeatedly telling Sevilla that he knew where his kids slept and where he lived. When Sevilla reached out to MJAAF President – Kyle Jackson and Mercadal about their colleague and to intervene – they took no action and effectively refused to protect their player. What would follow would be the incident where his son, after Sevilla pulled him from the Murrieta organizations and placed him with Menifee Wildcats and Relentless Premier Athletes, the violent hits to his son and grandson in touch 7 on 7 football and tackle scrimmages; hence the paper trail of complaints that Mercadal would be upset by and take legal action against, claiming that he now feared for his life after the allegations of harming Sevilla’s son and grandson. Sevilla never responded to Mercadal’s response, which also degraded Sevilla’s son and told Sevilla to “kiss [his] ass” and to take his son to one of the many other organizations in the area. Sevilla’s son was a key player and defensive and special team starter on Mercadal’s 2021/2022 Micro Division Super Bowl Championship team and was starting quarterback for Mercadal’s Frat Boyz 10u team.

During the Court Hearing, Mercadal claimed that Sevilla never sought an investigation into the allegations but in Sevilla’s response to the Court, Sevilla produced letters to the Court in evidence; letters to Mercadal’s superiors and testified at length to the contrary stating that he wrote in complaint, adhering to the chain of command, by first requesting investigation by Kyle Jackson of the Murrieta Broncos (MJAAF), then Southern California Junior All American Football (SCJAAF), and only Vista Murrieta High School and District Officials after those organizations failed to respond to his written complaints and requests for investigation, informing Murrieta Valley School District Officials of a “rogue” coach whose coaching style and violent culture will expose them to liability issues and potential lawsuit from him as they, in effect, sanction and endorse his behavior by allowing him and his organizations to identify with the high school “Broncos” and utilize their facilities, warning them that other kids can fall victim in the future. According to Sevilla’s correspondence with Vista Murrieta and Murrieta Valley officials, he admonished them for choosing to remain deliberately indifferent and negligent. Sevilla has yet to receive the results of any investigation into the alleged intentional targeting of his son and grandson from Vista Murrieta High School, MJAAF, SCJAAF, or the Frat Boyz.

At the Hearing, Mercadal, after seeing the voluminous response filed by Sevilla, would return to Court, after the recess, with defaming written statements from Sevilla’s ex-assistant baseball coaches of several seasons (Sevilla was Head Coach): Destrian Vallejo and George Uhila, both of whom were brought into the aforementioned Murrieta youth football organizations by Sevilla but the Judge would cut Mercadal’s introduction of his alleged new exhibits short and admonish him about the burden he carries to prove his allegations, rather than defame the Defendant, as well as proper discovery to the Defendant, who was previously unaware of such written letters and was not previously served with them. The Murrieta Judge further informed Mercadal that Sevilla had a right to make such complaints to his “employers”, as Mercadal referred to them as being, and that Sevilla’s response to Mercadal’s alleged actions was understandable in light of the context of physical injury to his child and grandchild and that he saw no evidence of Sevilla ever having engaged in gang activity or having any recent criminal legal troubles. The Judge would however, ask Sevilla point blank if he challenged Mercadal to a fight and Sevilla admitted to the Court that his statement to Mercadal, which Mercadal produced in Court relative to challenging Mercadal to settle the matters like grown men, were true, but promised to the Court that he would not beat Mercadal up for allegedly harming his son and grandson and that the aforementioned organizations should’ve been responsible in sanctioning Mercadal.

Petitioner Mercadal’s Petition was DENIED in its fullness and the previous Temporary Restraining Order Pending Hearing was VACATED.

Sevilla adds that he was approached after the Hearing by others present in the hallway, including his young son, who overheard an adult couple ask Mercadal if he had “won” his Hearing after he exited the Courtroom and to which Mercadal reply confidently, “I’ll get him next time,” while doing the Crip Walk.

Statement from Defendant Sevilla:

“Chris Mercadal or Coach Merc as he is known is a legend in his own mind and can now also be known as one who has made many false and unprovable allegations to the Superior Court of California to cause further injury to my child, grandchild, and family. Here he is, a grown-ass man who is known within the youth football community for his lack of class, inciteful behavior, and starting shit while hiding behind his coaches and parents – teaching his players to yell out ‘SQUUUUAAAADDD’, (i.e. hit squad) along with him, his coaches and parents after scores, violent hits and simply to incite and taunt the opposing teams. He is like a little Chihuahua who is all bark and no bite. He says things like ‘come catch a fade’; squats down and throws up signs like a gang member during his photo ops but runs to the authorities and his superiors when somebody real and who doesn’t play around calls his bluff. Apparently, he thought that he could hurt me by – based upon information and belief – causing serious physical injury to my then 11-year-old son and 13-year-old grandson, most recently.

What kind of man does that?

There are many labels to describe such a man, especially when it only happened when I wasn’t present as he knows better than to do that shit when I’m there! I had to hear about it from multiple parents, coaches, and team officials who – based upon information and belief – all believed that it was intentional and at the very least, unwarranted, classless, and illegal. To this very day and even in open Court, Merc has yet to deny the allegations and apologize to all affected but would rather double down and cause further damage with his many false allegations that he failed to prove in Court.

The dude is all about himself as a Coach and should fear every parent whose child is seriously injured by his team’s classless culture and disrespectful style of play. The best thing we ever did was take my son to the Menifee Wildcats and Relentless; those coaches and organizations have shown themselves to be the real deal and have valued my son’s play and leadership, with Coach Darris and Coach D being exceptionally involved and protective against Murrieta Broncos and Frat Boyz bullshit and gossip. Those dudes don’t play either.

For God’s sake, my grandson was clotheslined in a touch football game by Merc’s Frat Boyz team and he and his coaches, parents, and players celebrated the hit and a near riot ensued while he hid behind his coaches and parents as usual.

My son? Merc’s players – my son’s former teammates – called him a ‘traitor’ at JAAF Weight Certification, and he and his coaches were heard by our Menifee coaches and parents all telling their players to ‘get violent’ – according to their statements – before they took my quarterback son out at his knees well after the whistle.

Shame on Celeste Scallion, Vista Murrieta Principal and Coach Pederson, and Candaele and his staff, along with Kyle Jackson of MJAAF, for not taking the matter seriously and not even investigating and responding to me with the results of the investigation. To this very day, I have yet to receive a response from his superiors on my request for investigation, but rather, they have chosen to coddle the one alleged to have acted inappropriately and illegally. They share in Merc’s responsibility, and in Court, I will hold them accountable for their liability in these matters.

Any coach who coaches with or for him and any parent who allows their kid to play for such a guy needs a character check.

The awesome part about all of this and evidential of my son’s character is that he never once complained or raised these issues, however, it greatly affected him emotionally as we as parents could readily see. It was the principals within the organizations, video evidence, and other parents who confirmed Merc’s alleged behavior and that of his players when I wasn’t present and out on business or with my son for the California State Wrestling Championships. he’s a fiercely loyal kid who never complains and can sure as hell handle himself. My follow-up to all of this shameful behavior – as a coach myself for more than 41 years – is to protect other kids and to warn those in the authority of one who doesn’t belong in the coaching ranks or among kids. Hell, Merc has failed to acknowledge my son personally at the subsequent football games and especially in Court where he acted pridefully and arrogantly. At least my son sees now what that dude is all about.”

Sevilla’s son would suffer total pancreatic failure – Type 1 Diabetes – during this timeline of events and season. However, he continues to excel in sports (wrestling, boxing, basketball, baseball, and football) and set an example for others while Insulin-dependent.

The Court transcripts and case information may be accessed here: Media Information (




Media Contact

So Cal Local Sports Media

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United States Department of Justice – ADA Complaint – Filed Against Menifee Girls Softball – USA Softball – ASA Softball

United States Department of Justice – ADA Complaint – Filed Against Menifee Girls Softball – USA Softball – ASA Softball

Menifee Girls Softball President – Jennifer Martinez and the MSG Board – Censor a MSG 8u Manager – Selectively Punish Him in Violation of Their Own Rules While Protecting Fellow Board Members Who Violated Code of Conduct – Appeal Met with Corruption

A United States Department of Justice ADA Complaint was filed against Menifee Girls Softball, ASA Softball and USA Softball, alleging willful discrimination and retaliation against 8 year old Type 1 Diabetic Menifee Girls Softball Player – Gracie Sevilla and her parents.

Gracie Sevilla, age 8, is a Type 1 Diabetic Athlete who suffered total pancreatic failure at age 4 and is Insulin dependent, requiring multiple daily injections of Insulin to metabolize the carbohydrates she eats in her meals and snacks throughout the day; in a healthy individual, this is the job of the functioning Pancreas. Gracie also wears a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System; a small device with a filament that inserts below the skin and continuously tests the interstitial fluid for accurate Glucose levels, then brings the reading back to her parents’ mobile device every 5 minutes. The Dexcom alerts both high and low Glucose levels for immediate treatment decisions.

Gracie has endured Blood Glucose Levels as high as 600 + and as low as 24. Both exceedingly high or low levels, such as these, can result in Diabetic Coma or Ketoacidosis, both of which can be fatal in a short matter of time.

Gracie’s father, Tommy Sevilla, was Manager of Menifee Girls Softball (MSG 8u 3-0 Florida Gators team and was one of 5 different Managers that were ejected by overzealous umpires on one day and weekend; Sevilla pointed out an illegal Coach Pitching motion that allowed for the opposing player to easily hit the ball and score runs, in violation of MSG Rules but was rebuffed by the Umpire – who arrived to the game in a foul mood 25 minutes after it had started. According to MSG rules, a Manager who is ejected during a game, must also serve an additional game suspension and must immediately leave the premises – not owned by MSG – and cannot be physically present for the next game. However, in retaliation for his free speech and non-threatening comments about overzealous umpires on the MSG Coaches Social Media Thread, Coach Sevilla was censored, as Board Member at Large, Alysa Mugica, her husband and others; including MSG Board Vice-President, David Miller – openly disparaged him on the thread, both before and after he was censored, and while Board President, Jennifer Martinez did nothing but allow the open disparagement; thus violating MSG’s Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct; they were not punished in any form but within minutes of censoring Sevilla on the thread, a vote was taken by the MSG Board to remove him as Manager of the team and thus also nullifying the requirement for him to have to serve the additional game suspension as Manager.

Coach Sevilla appealed their game loss officially, on the grounds that the opposing team won the game due to runs scored with an illegal soft toss underhand pitching motion by the opposing coach that was recorded on video, as well as the game not being a “regulation game” since the game started almost 20 minutes late on account of the Umpire showing up late and the game having to be started by a Board Member acting as an Umpire. However, the MSG Board would attempt to delay and suppress the Appeal by first demanding a $35 fee to hear the Appeal then fail to provide a method or mode of payment for the Appeal when Coach Sevilla was diligent in trying to pay the fee then, not showing up to the designated meeting place (practice field) to pick up Coach Sevilla’s payment. Official witnesses and evidence provided by Sevilla for his Appeal was not considered, in violation of League Appeals Policy and without notice and unbeknownst to Coach Sevilla, the Appeal was heard illegitimately, falsely and corruptly; claiming video evidence not supplied by Coach Sevilla – with no witness testimony and Sevilla not present or being invited to attend; the Board would lie and falsely claim that the opposing Coach pitched in a League approved pitching motion and essentially that the game started on time, despite abundant evidence to the contrary.

Gracie Sevilla subsequently, was not allowed to play in the next game because despite being warned of a potential ADA violation (Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Regulations; Part 35 – non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disabilities, et. al….), because her mother, Melodie Sevilla couldn’t attend the game and her father, who is trained to be able to manage her Diabetes, was banned from the game now as her parent, due to the unprofessionalism, spite and retaliation from MSG Board President, Jennifer Martinez and fellow Board Members: David Miller, Vice-President, Steven Cordova, Coaches Agent, Rachelle Wade, Player Agent, Lindsey Duffy, Treasurer, Ashley Vidal, Secretary, Kyle Titterness, UIC and others. Ultimately, Board President, Jennifer Martinez refused to make a reasonable accommodation for Gracie to play in the game and scoffed at the requirement of law and remained deliberately indifferent to Gracie’s qualifying disability, bent on punishing her father as a parent. Jennifer Martinez would threaten to call law enforcement if Gracie’s father, the censored Coach were to show up but backed off that threat when she was appraised of the fact that she had no authority to do so on private property not owned by but only used buy the league; Marion Ashley Park is a public facility. However, Martinez would then threaten to punish the entire Gators’ team of 8 year old girls with a “forfeit” if their Coach – Sevilla – were to be at the game to watch the team and his daughter play and also be there to treat her Diabetes so that she could play in the game.

Gracie’s mother, Melodie Sevilla, would reach out to Martinez then the USA Softball Board of Directors; including but not limited to: State Commissioner, Christina Drumm, President, Mike Schuck, who never responded to calls and emails and when she reached out to Rhonda Shirey, the Eastern District Commissioner, she was again met with deliberate indifference as Shirey promised to intervene and get back to Mrs. Sevilla by days end, she never did and ignored all follow up urgent phone calls and voicemails left and emails sent to her by Mrs. Sevilla.

Menifee Girls Softball Board President, would openly scoff at the issue, make no effort to provide a reasonable accommodation in accordance with Federal Law, focus on Coach Sevilla now being punished as a Parent, while no longer a Manager of a Team, and ultimately causing tremendous undue stress and trauma upon Gracie and her family, as well as the team itself, who now lost their Manager, faced forfeit scenarios and a season ruined by Menifee Girls Softball Board of Directors politics.

Gracie Sevilla was deprived of the opportunity to play in the game in question and subsequently, several additional games due to this controversy and the deliberate indifference and attitude toward her disability by the MSG board of Directors, ASA Softball and USA Softball, who refuse to intervene and honor the American with Disabilities Act.

On June 8, 2021, a Complaint was filed with the Department of Justice alleging that Jennifer Martinez, et al, the MSG Board, USA softball and ASA Softball, have willfully discriminated and retaliated against 8u girls softball player – Gracie Sevilla and her family.

Gracie Sevilla is a Folkstyle Youth Wrestling Champion for Team So. Cal of Temecula, winning her first two tournaments in Bakersfield, California and Phoenix, Arizona, even being awarded the “Most Outstanding Wrestler Award” as an athlete new to the sport of competitive wrestling. Gracie also excels in Gymnastics, Basketball, Soccer; she was the quarterback on her fathers Friday Night Lights Football team;  and is a Pitcher on her Menifee 8u Girls Softball team, recording 8 strikeouts against 9 batters faced in her first ever game as Pitcher.

Press Release: Corona Friday Night Lights Flag Football Championship – Sophomore Division – Silver

For Immediate Release

Ohio State Buckeyes Win the Corona Friday Night Lights – Flag Football Sophomore Division (Silver) League Championship

coronafnl flag football

(Norco, California – Silver Lakes Sports Complex) On Friday, November 15, 2019, the Ohio State Buckeyes (2nd & 3rd Grade) of the Corona Friday Night Lights Football League, which serves: Corona, Norco, Eastvale, Riverside, Mira Loma and Jurupa Valley, won 3 straight playoff games, as the #3 seed, to win the league title in dominating fashion – 24-0 against the Auburn Tigers.

coronafnl buckeyes

The Buckeyes, led by 8 year old phenom Quarterback, Luke Sevilla, beat the #6 seed UCLA Bruins (18-0) and the #2 seed, Penn State Nittany Lions (12-8).

Luke Sevilla threw 4 touchdown passes, snagged 6 interceptions, ran for 2 touchdowns, and scored a touchdown at Receiver.

Also scoring throughout playoffs were Sevilla’s favorite targets, WR/QB/RB/DB – Louie Leon, WR/RB/DB – Reid Felkins and QB/WR/DB – Fiona Phalen, one of 2 girl players in the league; Fiona threw a touchdown pass and caught a 2 point conversion pass in the Semifinal game against Penn State.

The Buckeyes, a prolific scoring team, laid the foundation for the their title run with their lockdown defense, led by Luke Sevilla at Safety, Louie Leon at Cornerback, Reid Felkins at Cornerback, Fiona Phelan at Linebacker, Xavier Camarillo at Linebacker, Jayden Candia on the Defensive Line, Maximus Aguilar on the defensive Line, Guillermo Becerra at Nose Guard and Center, Jayden Eddington on the Defensive Line.

Jayden Candia and Reid Felkins also had interceptions in the playoffs; Felkins was a Pick Six.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are looking to defend their Title in the Spring with most players returning.

The team was coached by Tommy Sevilla

For Press Inquiries:

Sevilla Local Media

(951) 289-1710

Riverside Under Armour Steelers Travel to Menifee: Luke & Gracie Sevilla

March 28, 2019
Riverside Under Armour Under the Lights Flag Football K-2 Steelers Travel to Menifee
For Immediate Release
On Friday, March 29, 2019, the Riverside Under Armour K-2 Flag Football Team – the Steelers (1-0), will be traveling to Paloma Valley High School in Menifee to challenge the 2-0 Menifee Steelers, in a showcase game between the two leagues.
The 1-0 Riverside Under Armour K-2 Raiders, will also be challenging a Menifee league team on Friday night.
The Steelers team features 5 returning members from last years Championship game squad: Luke Sevilla, Gracie Sevilla, Jayden Sage, Guillermo Villareal, & Noah Corona.
The Steelers have added 3 dynamic players to their mix this year: Sese Tuolioa, Eden Esau and Zane Sedoris – increasing their speed and skill exponentially.
Sese Tuolia, is the 6 year-old brother of Lokeni and Leni Tuolia; starting linebackers for the UCLA Bruins, and Lemusu Toailoa; starting Linebacker for the Sacramento State Hornets.
The UCLA tandem helps out at practices brings their friends and teammates and will be in attendance for Friday nights game in Menifee.
Unique to the Riverside Under the Lights Flag Football League is Receiver, Running Back and Defensive End, Gracie Sevilla, the only girl in the league, the youngest player in the league (5) and a Type 1 Diabetic, recently diagnosed last year.
Type 1 Diabetes is an incurable auto-immune disease that affects mostly children from 4 years old and rarely strikes adults. Type 1 Diabetes is thought to be triggered by viruses/illnesses common to school aged children (RotoVirus, Foot and Mouth, etc) who have the genetic markers of Type 1 Diabetes, which causes the Pancreas to fight against its own beta cells and shut down partially, then entirely, rendering the Pancreas useless to produce life saving Insulin.
Gracie, whose blood glucose levels have dipped to deadly levels (32 mg/dl) or has risen to deadly levels (600 + mg/dl), plays with a continuous glucose monitoring device affixed to her thigh that sends a reading to her dad, mom and school teachers & nurses (River Springs Magnolia Center in Riverside, where sister Sophia is a member of the Varsity Swim Team) cell phone app, alerting them of both highs and lows. The device is a Dexcom G6 and her father, Tommy Sevilla, the teams head coach of two years, keeps the receiver in his pocket as he coaches the kids; including Gracie, on the playing field.
Gracie’s father, Tommy, is a member of the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club’s Board of Directors; Gracie has a desire to add boxing to her resume of athletics; a sport that her 7 year old brother and football teammate, Luke, will be taking up as he soon reaches the required age of 8.
Gracie was recently featured in Insulin Nation and on Channel 2 & 9 news – Los Angeles affiliates, regarding her Type 1 Diabetes and athletic prowess; Gracie also excels in Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. She currently stars for the Jurupa Valley Single A – Angels Baseball Team as an infielder and power hitter.
Gracie Sevilla has a website in development:
which links to her GoFundMe page where she is raising Type 1 Diabetes awareness and also money for a Diabetic Alert Dog.
Diabetic Alert Dogs are specially trained dogs that alert the affected persona those around them of impending highs and lows, a full 15 minutes before a CGM like the Dexcom G6 or other man-made technologies, and can even sense these phenomenons miles away when they are away from their owners; such as when Gracie is in school.
The Riverside Under Armour K-2 Steelers will return to their home stadium – Riverside’s Arlington High School, Friday, April 5th at 5:30 pm, and every friday night thereafter, as they play to reach the Under Armour National Championship Game to be played at UCLA.
For inquiries, please contact:
Tommy Sevilla (951) 289-1710
UPDATE: The Riverside Steelers beat the Menifee Raiders by a score 20-8 with Riverside Quarterback, Luke Sevilla, the older brother of Gracie Sevilla, recordig an epic game with 3 interceptions at Safety; one was a pick 6. Luke also was 5/6 passing with a touchdown pass and had many long gains at running back.
Guillermo Villareal, had a strong game on defense with 6 stops.
The Riverside Steelers played exceptionally well alongside the Riverside Steelers who also won their game against Menifee.

Under Armour Youth Flag Football Winter 2019 League


We are very excited to announce the launch of our new league in Corona, starting this January. Beginning January 5, 2019, Corona Under the Lights, powered by Under Armour, will begin playing on Saturdays at the beautiful Crossroads Christian High School, right in the heart of Corona. Please click register now below to join in on this new exciting league, and keep building your skills between fall and spring seasons. More details listed below. Any questions, please reach out to us.

Beautiful turf playing surface

Welcome to Corona Under the Lights

Registration NOW OPEN for 2019 WINTER Under the Lights flag football season. The WINTER season runs from January through February with games taking place on Saturday mornings at:

2331 Kellogg Ave
Corona, CA 92881

Under the Lights is the exclusive youth flag football partner of Under Armour, Inc.  The league is for both boys and girls of all skill levels and promotes a competitive, confidence building, non-contact football experience.







League Dates:
January 5, 12, 26
February 9, 16, 23
March 2 (Playoffs)


  • 4 Divisions – K-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-8th
    • We will have a Pre Kinder-Kindergarten if we have enough participants
    • All grade levels based on 2018-2019 school year
  • Player receives a Under Armour game shirt and shorts
  • Head Coach receives a Under Armour 495 youth football
  • 7 game season plus playoffs or consolation games (each team will play at least eight games)
  • 5 v 5 format on 25-30 yd wide x 50-60 yd long fields
  • 7 player rosters so everyone plays every game!
  • Practices are held a hour before the games so you can play other sports
  • No additional fundraising/sponsorships required by player/team
  • NO Tryouts. NO Drafts. Rosters are formed by “friend” or “coach” request. Single players will be placed on teams with some similarity and familiarity such as same school, neighborhood, organization, etc. as the other players on the team.
  • ALL coaches are volunteer parents and NOT provided by Under the Lights
  • Trophies are awarded to the Champions of the grade/age division
  • Concessions and music at the games
  • Access to our Under the Lights Under Armour online store.

Any questions regarding Corona Under The Lights, please reach out to us:

League Commissioners




Phone: 951-522-8105






T1d Gracie Sevilla and the Buckeye’s Championship Game

October 18, 2018


Ohio State Buckeyes

Under Armour Under the Lights




Inaugural Under Armour “Under the Lights” Friday Night Flag Football league Freshman Division Championship Game.

In it’s inaugural season, the Under Armour “Under the Lights” Freshman Division (K-2) is playing its Championship Game tomorrow night – Friday, October 19, 2018 – at 6:45 pm at Riverside, California’s Hillcrest High School.

The league, sponsored by Under Armour Athletic Apparel, is nationwide and growing fast. The league is distinguished by Friday night games and a lively atmosphere highlighted by music, food, refreshments and Under Armour gear.

The Ohio State Buckeyes of the Freshman Division are lead by quarterback, Luke Sevilla, whose sister Grace “Gracie” Sevilla, was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in March of this year. Despite this incurable and intense disease, Gracie is the only and first girl to play in the Under Armour Friday Night Lights League and excels at the running back and defensive end positions. Gracie also excels at soccer, basketball and baseball, having already played many seasons in Riverside, California youth leagues.



Gracie has recently been fitted with the nation’s only FDA approved continuous glucose monitoring device the Dexcom g6, and wears it 24 hours – 7 days a week, including when she plays football and will with all other sports.

As a Type 1 Diabetic whose glucose levels rise and fall dangerously to levels that would induce a comatose state, Gracie often needs an injection before during or after the games; often takes swigs of Gatorade or chews glucose tablets to raise her blood sugar. Her father, Tommy Sevilla, is the team’s Head Coach and carries the device’s receiver; an iPhone 6 that is equipped with the app that gives a glucose reading every 5 minutes and has alarms to alert him when she is critically high or low. He must be within 10 yards of Gracie regularly in order for the device to continue reading.

Direct side effects of Type 1 Diabetes is stomach ache, pain in the extremities and head aches.

Gracie is the only girl in the league; the first in the Riverside/Corona league’s history and it’s lone Type 1 (T1d) athlete. Gracie chose football over being a cheerleader this year.

Under Armour has supplied Gracie with wristbands and headbands to wear over her device to protect it and for branding in sponsorship.



Gracie has a website in development but her web page can be accessed here:

The #1 seeded Ohio State Buckeyes go into the Championship Game with the Freshman Division’s #1 offense and #1 defense and have a head to head record against #2 seed Michigan State of 2-1, losing a close 18-12 game earlier in the season.



On Saturday, November 4, 2018, a team – Grace for the Cure – will be participating in the JDRF One Walk – Walk for the Cure – at Anaheim Stadium, to raise T1d awareness and to help raise money to fund a cure. The team will also consist of Gracie’s family supporters and the Buckeye players and parents.

The Under Armour Freshman Division Buckeyes are: Luke Sevilla (qb, rb, wr, s), Gracie Sevilla (rb, de), Maximus Aguilar (rb, de), Guillermo Becerra (c, rb, dt), Noah Corona (c, rb, dt), Jayden Sage (qb, rb, wr, cb), and Louie Leon (rb, wr, qb, cb, lb).


Tommy Sevilla – Sevilla Local Media

(951) 289-1710

Freshman Division Championship

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes




#2 Michigan State Spartans



6:45 pm


Hillcrest High School

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Hall of Fame Welterweight Boxer – Armando “El Hombre” Muniz

Armando “El Hombre” Muniz – Boxing Hall of Famer – 1968 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team – Welterweight Legend


Armando “Mando” Muñíz

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Armando Muñiz (born May 3, 1946) is a retired MexicanAmerican professional boxer and former NABF Welterweight Champion.

Muniz was a member of the 1968 U.S. Olympic boxing team.

Summary of Armando Muniz’s Professional Career

In November 1971, Muniz knocked out title contender Clyde Gray (29-1) to capture the NABF Welterweight Championship. The bout was held at the Auditorium in Long Beach, California.[1]

Muniz made the last defense of his title in 1972 when he knocked out the favored Adolph Pruitt in eight sizzling rounds.

Muniz, one of the most popular fighters ever from Southern California, fought twenty three times at the historic Olympic Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles.

Robbed of the Welterweight Title

In 1975, Muniz traveled to Acapulco, Mexico to challenge welterweight kingpin Jose “Mantequilla” Napoles.

A 6-1 underdog at the opening bell, Muniz pounded on Napoles for 12 rounds. With the champion bleeding from both eyes, referee Ramon Berumen, after concurring with the WBC officials at ringside, raised the arm of Napoles.

Most boxing experts have referred to the Napoles “victory” as one of the worst robberies in boxing history.

Muniz was cited as the “uncrowned” champion until Napoles defeated him in a rematch.

Muniz made two more unsuccessful attempts at the title in 1977, losing to Carlos Palomino. He retired in 1978.

Muniz, also a husband, father and business professional is one of the few former boxers who is also a college graduate.

Armando, who attended UCLA, taught at Rubidoux High School in Riverside, California for more than twenty years.






Armando Muniz Professional Boxing Record

44 Wins (30 knockouts, 14 decisions), 14 Losses (2 knockouts, 12 decisions), 1 Draw [1]

Armando Muniz Fight History



Loss 16-0 United States Sugar Ray Leonard RTD 6 09/12/1978 Massachusetts Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

Loss 26-1-3 United States Carlos Palomino UD 15 27/05/1978 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States WBC World Welterweight Title. 141-148, 139-148, 142-145.

Win 36-1-1 United States Pete Ranzany TKO 6 13/12/1977 California Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, United States

Loss 7-9-1 Mexico Jose Palacios SD 10 06/08/1977 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States 94-95, 93-97, 96-95.

Win 13-18 Mexico Ruben Vazquez Zamora KO 8 17/06/1977 Texas El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas, United States

Win 19-5-1 Mexico Zovek Barajas TKO 4 02/06/1977 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States

Win 2-3 Mexico Antonio Leyva KO 1 20/03/1977 Nevada Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Leyva knocked out at 0:30 of the first round.



Loss 20-1-3 United States Carlos Palomino TKO 15 21/01/1977 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States WBC World Welterweight Title. Referee stopped the bout at 2:24 of the 15th round.

Win 46-9-1 United States Jimmy Heair UD 12 17/06/1976 Texas Dudley Field, El Paso, Texas, United States United States Welterweight Title.

Win 3-2-1 Mexico Abel Cordoba SD 10 08/05/1976 California Inglewood Forum, Inglewood, California, United States

Win 43-28-9 Argentina Ruben Arocha TKO 5 11/04/1976 Mexico Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

Win 13-15 Mexico Ruben Vazquez Zamora TKO 7 04/10/1975 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States



Loss 80-6 Cuba Jose Napoles UD 15 12/07/1975 Mexico Mexico City, Mexico WBC World Welterweight Title. 142-149, 139-149, 142-148.

Loss 79-6 Cuba Jose Napoles TD 12 30/03/1975 Mexico Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico WBC/WBA World Welterweight Titles.



Win 51-5 United States Hedgemon Lewis UD 10 03/12/1974 California Inglewood Forum, Inglewood, California, United States 6-4, 5-4, 6-1.

Win 24-9 United States Johnny “Starship Trooper” Rico SD 10 07/09/1974 Arizona Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona, United States 95-98, 98-95, 100-95.



Loss 30-6-4 Puerto Rico Angel Espada PTS 10 29/07/1974 Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico

Win 16-6-2 United States Billy “Councillor” Lloyd KO 1 29/06/1974 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Lloyd knocked out at 2:24 of the first round.

Win 13-10 United States Roy Barrientos PTS 10 03/06/1974 Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Loss 30-11 Mexico Marcos Geraldo MD 10 18/04/1974 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States 5-5, 5-2, 5-4.

Loss 71-16-2 United States Eddie Perkins UD 12 22/03/1974 Arizona Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona, United States NABF Welterweight Title. 113-120, 114-118, 112-118.

Win 14-4-1 United States Walter “Sharpshooter” Charles KO 3 08/03/1974 California San Diego, California, United States Charles knocked out at 1:29 of the third round.

Win 45-4-1 United States Dave Oropeza KO 3 26/01/1974 Arizona Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona, United States

Win 12-9-3 United States Jose “The Rights” Miranda UD 10 08/11/1973 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States 7-2, 5-4, 5-3.

Loss 14-2 Mexico Zovek Barajas MD 10 11/10/1973 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States 4-5, 4-5, 4-4.

Win 3-1-1 Mexico Antonio Roldan TKO 2 06/09/1973 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 2:24 of the second round.



Win 48-10-1 United States Ernie Lopez TKO 7 26/07/1973 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States

Win 16-6-1 United States Thurman Durden KO 2 07/06/1973 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Durden knocked out at 0:30 of the second round.

Win 59-27-6 United States Manuel “Dr. Wagner” Gonzalez MD 10 04/05/1973 Arizona Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona, United States 98-95, 98-95, 97-97.

Win 27-4-1 United States Frank Kolovrat TKO 4 09/03/1973 Arizona Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona, United States



Loss 67-16-2 United States Eddie Perkins SD 12 30/01/1973 Colorado Denver Auditorium Arena, Denver, Colorado, United States NABF Welterweight Title. 53-59, 56-55, 52-58.

Win 44-11-2 United States Adolph Pruitt TKO 8 02/12/1972 California Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States NABF Welterweight Title. Referee stopped the bout at 2:01 of the eighth round.

Loss 9-4-3 United States Jose Martin Flores UD 10 15/11/1972 Nevada Silver Slipper, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 44-47, 42-49, 44-48.

Win 8-13-5 United States Eltefat Talebi MD 10 24/10/1972 California Valley Music Theater, Woodland Hills, California, United States

Win 47-28 United States Percy Pugh KO 2 11/09/1972 California Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States NABF Welterweight Title.

Win 10-7 Mexico Ruben Vazquez Zamora UD 12 31/07/1972 California Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States NABF Welterweight Title.

Win 9-4 United States Prince Jimmy Hamm TKO 2 10/07/1972 California Inglewood Forum, Inglewood, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 2:11 of the second round.

Win 13-13-1 United States Cassius Greene TKO 6 19/06/1972 California Inglewood Forum, Inglewood, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 2:41 of the sixth round.



Loss 53-23-1 Mexico Raul Soriano MD 10 22/05/1972 California Inglewood Forum, Inglewood, California, United States 5-5, 3-6, 3-6.

Win 3-4 Mexico Mario Olmedo TKO 1 25/03/1972 Colorado Denver, Colorado, United States Referee stopped the bout at 2:12 of the first round.

Win 43-45-4 Ghana Peter Cobblah UD 10 18/03/1972 California Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Long Beach, California, United States 8-1, 7-1, 6-2.



Loss 71-12 United States Virgin Islands Emile Griffith UD 10 31/01/1972 California Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States 3-7, 1-9, 1-9.

Win 29-1-1 Canada Clyde Gray KO 9 19/11/1971 California Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Long Beach, California, United States NABF Welterweight Title. Gray knocked out at 1:43 of the ninth round.

Win 30-2 United States Gil “Knockout” King TKO 5 14/08/1971 California Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 3:00 of the fifth round.

Win 84-18-3 Mexico Chucho Garcia MD 10 17/07/1971 California Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, United States 5-3, 6-3, 4-4.

Win 5-6 Mexico Mario Marquez KO 3 19/06/1971 California Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, United States Marquez knocked out at 1:41 of the third round.



Draw 36-4 United States Oscar Albarado PTS 10 06/05/1971 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States 3-5, 5-4, 4-4.

Win 13-12-2 United States Cipriano Hernandez UD 10 18/03/1971 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States 9-2, 7-2, 7-3.

Win 26-9-2 United States Mike Seyler TKO 3 12/02/1971 California Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 2:35 of the third round.

Win 11-1 United States James Caffey TKO 7 07/01/1971 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 2:01 of the seventh round.

Win — Jose Carreon KO 1 10/12/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Carreon knocked out at 2:36 of the first round.

Win 6-4 United States Crispen Benitez KO 2 12/11/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Benitez knocked out at 1:22 of the second round.

Win 3-0 United States Victor Manuel Basilio TKO 4 08/10/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 1:25 of the fourth round.

Win 10-2-1 United States Walter “Sharpshooter” Charles PTS 6 26/09/1970 California Valley Music Theater, Woodland Hills, California, United States

Win 7-1 United States Bobby ‘Boogaloo’ Watts PTS 6 03/09/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States

Win 2-3 Mexico Jose “Orange” Valencia KO 2 20/08/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Valencia knocked out at 2:38 of the second round.

Win 1-7-1 Japan Takuji Iwase KO 2 06/08/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Iwase knocked out at 2:40 of the second round.

Win 1-1 United States Eltefat Talebi TKO 1 23/07/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States Referee stopped the bout at 1:46 of the first round.

Win 6-6-1 United States “Cuppa” Joe Adams TKO 3 16/07/1970 California Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, United States


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