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Yonke Law LLC

Short Business Description
Yonke Law LLC is the right place for you if you are planning to hire the most experienced personal injury attorneys of Kansas City.
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Yonke Law LLC firmly believes that all personal injury victims should get the right compensation for their losses and harms that they suffer in personal injury cases due to the negligent behavior or acts of other people or party. We deeply understand your pain and thus, want to serve you in the best possible way. Our talented lawyers are professional and experienced. They listen to your case details with full concentration and then collect all proofs that help strengthen your case. Call us now to schedule a free discussion and we will discuss your case in detail. Call now or visit us online, today!

Business Phone Number
(816) 221-6400
Business Fax
(816) 888-5188
Business Address
4310 Madison Avenue Suite 100
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