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Tag Archives: diabetes

Long-term islet transplant recipients show near-normal glucose control

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Continuous glucose monitoring demonstrates improved time-in-range, key metabolic data compared to hybrid closed-loop systems Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) evaluations in islet transplant recipients who have been insulin independent for an average of 10 years show near-normal glycemic profiles and time-in-range metrics, according to data presented by the Diabetes […]

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Soliqua®Phase 3 results significantly lowered blood sugar levels compared to GLP-1 receptor agonist treatments

Soliqua®Phase 3 results significantly lowered blood sugarlevels compared to GLP-1 receptor agonist treatmentsPatients switched to Soliqua reached anaverage blood sugarbelowthe American Diabetes Association recommendedlevel of 7%FullPhase 3 data presentedtodayat the American Diabetes Association(ADA)79th Scientific Sessions PARIS–June 9, 2019–In a Phase 3 study1evaluating adults with type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled by GLP-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA) […]

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Up for the Challenge, Down for the Cause: Grace for the Cure!

Fundraising to End Type 1 Diabetes Team “Grace for the Cure” is Up for the Challenge and Down for the Cause! & Sevilla Local Media Support Team Gracie Sevilla     Support Team Grace for the Cure!   Our team is participating in walks to end type 1 diabetes (T1D). The JDRF […]

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