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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Alpine Tree Surgeons – Basingstoke
Address: 49 Baird Ave
RG22 6EA
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Why Choose Our Company?
We are fully insured for all liabilities, have a team of contractors qualified to perform the tasks required.
We have access to huge plant machinery to deal with large scale jobs that smaller tree surgery outfits simply can’t manage.
We are available for consultancy work and site development planning including the administration of TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders).
Trustmark and ARB Accredited Contractors meaning we are vetted and approved by the highest industry standards
Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, our project manager is on the road daily helping customers just like you to improve the environment they live in. We offer no obligation advice and always aim to give you complete transparency in the options available to you. We have made our success from forming long term relationships, not short term gain so we will look for the best solution and present options all within a budget to suit your needs.
Call Us Today 01256 213082
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01256 213082
Meriden Tree Services
Address: 190 Center St.
Meriden, CT
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Meriden Tree Services and Maintenance
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Providing only the best tree services to residents and business owners in Meriden and the surrounding towns in Central Connecticut.

We are fully licensed and insured and are extremely proud to be in this business. We are the best in tree care here in Connecticut, that is why our arborists take pride in making sure all of your needs are taken care of at affordable prices.

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(860) 500-1709
Midwest Tree Removal
Address: 1736 7th St E, Saint Paul, MN

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If you are searching for the best tree services for your home, contact us today for a free consultation and high-quality tree care services. Our tree removal and all tree care services ensure that we leave your home safe, neat, and good-looking, and you don’t need to worry about tree service cost because we offer affordable prices.

Trees are a vital part of your home, and there is nothing as fulfilling as a backyard filled with vibrant green leaves. We love offering our professional services to ensure your home or business landscape is healthy and beautiful.

At Midwest Tree Removal St. Paul MN, we are aware that your garden’s look talks a lot about the image of your home. Therefore, we offer a wide range of landscape services and tree services in Saint Paul, MN. Many landscaping services do not provide all the services that will make your landscape looking gorgeous, but we offer an array of different tree service and landscaping services like land clearing. Our team is the full package as far as your compound is concerned.

As professionals, we ensure that we inspect the surroundings to safely carry out our services and guarantee the best results that befit your needs.
We offer the following services:
– Tree removal
– Tree trimming
– Stump removal
– Emergency tree removal
– Land clearing

Some trees can pose a high risk, especially when Mother Nature strikes. We offer emergency tree removal services at any hour so that you don’t end up losing the roof of your living room when the storm hits. Contact us today for a free estimate and high-quality services.
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Midwest tree removal is a St. Paul MN-based tree service company passionate and committed to serving the Twin City residents. Our team of experienced tree professionals offers both residential and commercial tree removal and tree trimming services. We are a family-owned company committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.
Uphold Safety Measures
Our commitment to upholding safety while working sets us apart from door-to-door tree service. Keeping your property and family safe is vital to the services we offer. When we visit your space, be rest assured that we will take all necessary precautions to keep your property and its occupants safe when we are working and after. Our professionals adhere to strict safety guidelines and use professional equipment to protect ourselves and the ones we serve.
Licensed Professionals
Tree services like tree removal and tree trimming can pose significant damage to life and property when it is not done well. It is, therefore, crucial to have the area’s codes and regulations at your fingertip. These regulations change from one city to another. It is vital to ensure that when you hire professionals for tree care, you need to hire a professional with the required licensing and certifications. All out experts are licensed to provide tree removal and tree trimming services in different cities within the Twin Cities.
Customer Oriented Approach
We carry all our duties professionally, from customer care, inquiries, and offering the actual tree care service. We will pay your site a visit to access the assistance required and evaluate your needs. We then make recommendations to achieve the goals you wish to accomplish without forcing you on a service that you do not need.
We liaise with homeowners to help pick on what services befit the condition at hand. We cherish educating homeowners on our processes to be aware of what we will be doing throughout the job and how long we will take to finish up.
Another aspect that makes our services stand out from other tree trimming and tree removal services is that we uphold the safety of those we work for and their neighbors. We respect nature and understand that emergencies can happen. We do everything, including offering emergency services where we show up promptly when called for emergency tree removal services. Unlike tree removal companies that only show up after wild weather has hit your area, we have liability insurance and property damage insurance.
Affordable Tree Service
We only charge you according to what you need, so you do not need to worry about any additional charges. We ensure that we give you the cost before getting to work. We can also work with your insurance company to ensure that your tree removal and tree trimming service does not come with any headaches.
Sociable Community Tree Service
When you love your job, you will enjoy doing it. We love what we do. Who doesn’t like working with nature! Every job we do leaves your home safer, your compound beautiful, and your tree healthier. Our customers praise the positive attitude we uphold in every task, and we love working with home and business owners to create attractive and healthy landscapes.
A wide array of services
Don’t let the name fool you to think that we only show up cut down your trees. At Midwest Tree Removal, we offer a variety of services, all with the intention of making your property safe, beautiful, and healthy. There is more! We not only deal with trees, but we also do land clearing services. These are the services we offer:
– Tree trimming
One of the best things you should do to your trees is offering them a quality trimming. Trimming helps your tree to obtain sufficient sunlight. Unlike tree pruning, trimming does not necessarily mean removing dead branches. Trimming involves removing overgrown branches, including shrubs, hedges, and trees. Tree trimming also helps to maintain the shape of your tree. This tree removal service in St. Paul MN should be done once or twice a year. Tree trimming helps to improve the health and appearance of your tree. However, when handled the wrong way, you may end up hurting the plant.
– Tree removal
While it is great to have trees, having too many can be a bother and a hassle when you want to maintain your yard. Some trees also pose a risk of falling and causing damage. For instance, trees closer to electric wires can cause electrical hazards like fires, and those near the house can fall on the roof of the house. To avoid such misfortunes and create more space and safety, you need to call us for professional tree removal services. No matter how simple it may seem, this task can be hazardous to you and your property. You should spare all the trouble and work with a professional service provider.
– Emergency tree removal
Some hazards are not foreseen, especially during a storm or other wild weather. While some services can wait until a plan is formulated, some events need quick intervention. A tree that has fallen across the road needs to be removed to pave the way for traffic, a tree that has fallen on electric lines needs to be removed for power to be restored. Such events need a prompt response from tree removal service providers who can work under harsh weather without causing more harm.
– Land clearing
New, unused land requires a lot of work before you can construct your house or make it achieve the look you wish. Land clearing includes:
Leveling land, clearing bushes, and trees, woods, stones, etc. from the surface
– Removal of moss and tussocks
Deep soil tillage, leveling of uneven ground, filling up ditches, and pits.
While this task can take ages while working with amateurs, using skilled land clearing professionals who have all the necessary equipment and skills will clear your land faster.
– Stump grinding
Different techniques can get rid of that rotting stump on your property; stump grinding or stump removal. Stump grinding is the most effective means since it does not involve the removal of the roots. With our commercial grade sanding unit, we grind the stamp and shave the tree trunk until it disappears.
No job is too big or too small for Midwest Tree Removal, and with over 41 years of St Paul MN-based experience, you can be assured that we will accomplish the job well, from initial contact to the ultimate clean up. No matter how much we grow, we maintain our roots, which is our foundation.

Hours: 24 Hrs

Starting year: 2015

Employee: 5

Payment Method: visa, master card, american express, check

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(651) 401-8182
New Britain Tree Services
Address: New Britain, CT
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Professional Tree Services In New Britain, CT
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Expert tree services for the residents of New Britain, Connecticut and all of the surrounding towns. New Britain Tree Services also provides stump removal/grinding services, trimming and pruning.

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(860) 500-1523
Pineda’s Tree Service
Address: 2925 Willow rd.
San Pablo, CA
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Family operated tree service company built from scratch. We offer the best management practices with ISA Certified Arborist on site. 30 years of experience and hard work ethic; no job is too small or too big!

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