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Yoga Courses in India

Yoga Courses in India
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Yoga Courses in India
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Introduce yourself to the globe’s most ancient science of life, Yoga, in the land of its birth. Lead your journey to the height of spirituality with Yoga courses in India by Shwaasa Yoga Center. Identify your potential and learn how to apply this in the correct situation while you relish the beauty of Yoga in India.

About the program: Shwaasa conducts various types of Yoga courses in Bangalore and other parts of India, from daily classes to Yoga teacher training to Yoga retreat. An amalgamation of traditional and contemporary Yoga is taught during the programs.

Program Highlights:

● Complete introduction to Yoga and its ancient teachings.
● Daily practice and training of Yoga asanas, in addition to their benefits.
● Yoga philosophies are described in detail for making them part of your life.
● Practice and training of Yoga breathing exercise, Pranayama.
● Meditation sessions for attaining the union of mind, body and soul.
● Training for understanding the attributes of a Yoga teacher and turning yourself into a good instructor during Teaching Methodology classes.
● Learn about Adjustment and Alignment for bringing perfection to asanas performance.
● Understand the effect of Yoga on the body’s metabolic activities and organs.
● Interaction with the teachers to discuss about various issues in life and training.
● Relaxing poses and exercises related to Yoga.
● Understanding the role of Laughter Yoga and Yoga Dance in making your personality.

Food and Accommodation: At our ashram in India, we make sure our aspirants enjoy their stay by offering three delicious diets that are completely sattvic. We also offer high standard of rooms with all the basic amenities accommodated in them. Herbal drinks and green spices from Indian soil are also offered to the students of our training programs.

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About Shwaasa: A Yoga organization of prestigious stature, Shwaasa Yoga Center is known for its commitment to the health and wisdom-based Yoga programs. The home of Indian Yoga organizes a gala show on the eve of International Yoga Day every year under the guidance of revered Guru Shri Vachanand Ji. At Shwaasa campuses across India, students experience the virgin Yoga form, assorted with the sacred teachings of Shwaasa Guru.

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108F, MLA Layout, RMV 2nd Stage, Boopasandra, Near Boopasandra Bus-stand, Bangalore -560094, Karnataka, India.

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